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Again some great suff from contributor Mythbuster.

How to follow and support the 800 Day Countdown Project

by Mythbuster Smith on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 11:19pm
Intro on How to follow or support:

There are two outlines for "following" and "supporting" the 800 Day Countdown. These will be outlined in separate notes to do away with confusion down the road. "Following" will be understood apart from "Supporting" by the two different options and the actions of"Following with Option One" and "Supporting with Option Two."

1. Following option: is for those who don't really write much but who are interested in critical reading, critical thinking and in supporting the 800 Days efforts. According to this first outline, we will still very much appreciate if people comment on the articles,blog posts, and discussions surrounding the 800 Days. Option 1 is for those who have scant amounts of time online but who are still interested in The 800 Days content.

For option 1, we ask that you "follow" on 3 social networks so that you receive notification of when content is posted.

2. Supporting/support option: is for people who have a bit of time and who are willing to take some concrete steps to follow and contribute to discussions and possibly even supplement the content for this project content. (The latter is basically what my "follower" blog is about). For the second option, you will be visible to us as persons who have taken an extra step in following and supporting this project. Likely, if you go this distance, you are a content writer online, so as much and as often as possible, I/we will check on and link to your content if it is appropriate and related to The 800 Days/The Countdown. Option 2 is for people who have something to say or wish to have a voice in the 800 Days Project.

* Note concerning the 2nd option: if you choose to get involved, we are not going to "censor" your content, so don't worry about that... you'll have your own space for your own content. What will happen is that if your content is suitable and related to what isalready going forth as content for this project, we will freely link to you.

For option 2 we ask that you "follow" on 3 main social networks we post notifications on PLUS create a follower blog or at least connect with us via gmail/blogspot. I give tips on creating a "follower blog" in the next note and additionally, you can email me if you need help with anything.


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