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2 Options for Following and Supporting The 800 Days Countdown

by Mythbuster Smith on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 11:33pm
OPTION ONE (1) "Following" the 800 Day Countdown

For those with very little time to spare:

Get on 3 each of Blake and Mythbuster's Social Networks (6 "add" actions, total). These are sites where we're mostly likely to update and add content regularly, other than on the blogs.

Hub Pages:

Next: COMMENT on the blogs when they are "twittered" "Hubbed" and "redgage-d." This will be helpful for letting us know how you're receiving our content - whether we're writing clearly or not, etc. YES - the added bonus of followers is there but believe me, we're pleased already with numbers of followers at the twitter, hubpages and redgage accounts already.

Blake's Blog:
Mythbuster's Follower Blog:

The focus really IS SO THAT READERS let us know what's cool, what's not, etc.


OPTION TWO (2) "Supporting" The 800 Day Countdown

For those with more time to give:

Once signed up and "following" IDs at twitter, hubpages and redgage

1. Sign up for a gmail account and make use of the free blogger/blogspot blog you'll have by being a gmail member. & are the addresses

If you'd like an official "invite" for a gmail account, email me and put "800 Days 2012 invite request" into the subject line of an email... then you'll also be on my gmail-chat system and can message me quickly and privately from time to time. My email address:

2. Once you sign up and have your gmail account verified - create a "follower" blog.

Suggested names "Following 800 Days" "800 Day Countdown Follower" "[your name] Follower of the 800 Days" "[your nickname]'s follower blog" "[nickname/name] watching 800 days"something like that. You can, of course, choose any title you wish that is not currently in use by any other blogspot/blogger member, but Blake and I are going to be able to spot you and add you very quickly if you create a blog with certain keywords related to this 800 Day Countdown effort.

3. Go to the 800 Days blog (Blake's) and the "Follower" blog (Mythbuster's) and follow via blogspot/blogger ID.

Message me your link via Facebook and I will take a look at your blog, if you're in a hurry - otherwise I will check "followers" from the blog each day and I will certainly get to you.

Once you have a bit of content - providing that the content is related and appropriate - I will work on linking to you. Blake will likely link to you but it might take a little longer for Blake to respond in this task as his work on this project is constant and he has different tasks going on than I do.

What is NOT APPROPRIATE (keeping in mind that you can write whatever you want, so long as it is within blogger guidelines and you don't get banned from somewhere else) is: non-critical posting (if you're ranting and post flaming, scathingly abusive content - you probably won't get a long-term link exchange opportunity). And... that's about it.

Wow, that was easy - one rule - BE REASONABLE. Nice. And we will be reasonable, too.

  • Opinions - if reasonably provided in posts - are acceptable
  • Essay-type content - accepted - will be eagerly accepted
  • Reviews - accepted

Now, again - this is not a censorship effort... your content will remain YOURS - what we're talking about here is linking, link exchange, sharing of pertinent ideas and you scratch my back - I'll scratch yours...

Here are the blog links again:
Blake's Blog:
Mythbuster's Follower Blog:

Pay It Forward


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