Blake4d is also known by Blake Hall to fans.
Blake also has a background in the esoteric arts, paganism, comparative religions, wicca and the new age. He also has earned cridentials and recognition in these areas publically, as both a New Age minister / and a devout pagan in his personal life. He has also been through much with family, and the dysfunctional background he comes from. He has an adult daughter, loves animals, has been in love, and is now single again.

Blake Hall, ( also known as Blake4d to some readers ) formerly a writer and editor for local AZ publication Wide Awake Magazine, and managing editor and part of the Wide Awake Arts Collective for over 5 years in Phoenix, is a local artist, musician, and independent internet based bookseller. As a local artist, musician, designer, photographer, and other multi-media in the USA. Also was active with Michael23 and the ThoughtCrime / Phoenix Arts Commission via ThoughtCrime and the current FireHouse Arts in downtown Phoenix AZ.

Blake also has a small and growing following of readers as a writer on the internet. You may know his work from Hubpages and He also has articles published on Buskia, Trinod, Helium, and or course Associated Content. Recently he has been developing his own blogs and websites.

My alternate blogs ( underconstruction )

And of course there is the homebase of everything blake4d my website with cool otherstuff although still somewhat under construction. Thanx to everyone who has been so supportive on the hub. Keep on Hubbing.
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Blake has worked as an independent internet based bookseller out of Phoenix, Arizona since the year 2000. He has sold books on nearly every website including Amazon, Ebay,, ABE, Alibris, and A1books.