I , Blake4d : the Interviews

There we are and sitting in a semi-public place is where I meet with a gentleman who calls himself Montague Sohn - or just Montague for the purposes for this interview. I do not want to sensationalize or make dramatic reference to whom he is and cliams to be. This is an an Interview with a Modern American Vampire on Being Human, Immortal, and the Practice of the Dark Arts.

Montague is by claim a Vampire.

He also is by admission, a practitioner of the darker magical arts and occult, a volunteer with the mentally ill, a worker within the behavioral health community, and an artist, a musician, and various other things in his day to day life. For purposes of privacy and respect nothing was discussed during this interview that could reveal the personal details of his life or where he works, lives, or the like...for even those outside the mortal coil have need to keep their world a bit secret from the public.


This is an Interview with a Modern American Witch about being a Woman, Wife, Wiccan, and the Practice of Witchcraft...or as Mary and I joked, the practice of Safe Hex.

Rather than give you a researched disertation on the scholastic records of Wicca and Witchcraft as you have read other places for sure, I decided to give you the views straight from the Mare's mouth. And so without further delay to the viewing audience, an interview with a lady who might tell you that 'nothing sacred' and 'know thyself' are quotes from her personal politics, and someone who is a mentor, a friend, and a Good Witch of the West. It is my pleasure to spend a few minutes introducing you to my friend, teacher, mentor, and one of the wisest women I have ever known. All ye fairie folk across the world wide web may I introduce to you to my red haired gypsy queen, or as her friends call her.

Mary Chapman


Anti - which is a real nome de plume not one made up for the interview, is a very direct and damaged person by her own admission.

She has worked from the high brow end of the adult industry, to the lowest outcall motel room sex trade, and makes no bones about it. She is a modern woman in every sense of the word, and also a shy and vulnerable female in the truest sense.

 I want to introduce to you my friend and more than casual acquaintance.

She is a woman, and a modern American whore ( her choice of words not mine ), the lovely and as she calls herself  'The one of a kind female, friend, and felon...Anti L'Amour.'

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