Friday, January 7, 2011


Prophecy of the Azteca

Everything lives in motion
Everyone is lost in chaos
But we must understand the meanings
For ourselves
We orbit about the great sun
We are circling about its globe
As we drown in a season
Of blackness bloodshed and cold
Our fate completes the puzzle
Like the pieces that are lodged in the sky
And we wonder if we are all alone
In this primeval world
The temples of the Elders hold the magic
The sun god he predicts the final days
The keepers of the sundial watch its motions
And our Fathers fall beneath their ancient ways
Then came the rise
Of the great Montezuma
A ruthless leader with a fearless pride
Marching with his armies
You hear his mighty battle cry
For many, so many years in vain
We lived his power
His torture his pain
As we watched the blood of our children
And of our families fly
Our priests marched high on the sacred days
As they offered up our sons, our daughters
Offered their souls to the gods
The temples of the wizards glow like fire
The sun god tears our tainted hearts away
The slaves that built the sundial are all slain
And the priests they fall beneath their sacred blades
It has been scribed that on the final day
The sun will arise
High above great Tenochtitlan
And Quetzalcoatl will return to claim his throne
Long live the children of the eagles and the sun
They will hear us shout from the mountain
Long live the children of the eagles and the sun
The Spaniards they came and they pillaged
They plundered the land
And when it was over, was over and done
Montezuma lay dead by the wrath of the gods
But by the hands of a man
We followed the ancient rituals
But had forgotten the ancient pride
We surrendered to the legions our cities of gold
And we left our cities of stone, and our temples in the sky
Azteca heard its lords crying
As our peoples met their doom
The temples of the kingdom fall to ruin
The sun god rises up to take his throne
The shadows cross the sundial, strike the hour
And the kingdom falls beneath his fist of stone

" I have never stolen anything the first time, I have stolen things back many times over..." - Anonymous

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