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by Mythbuster Smith on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 3:23pm

The 800 Day Countdown:  is a countdown to the date (December 21, 2012) on which many experts say the Mayan Calendar ends. Many theories are currently being debated as to what this means. The Mayans are known as an ancient race/culture possessing extremely advanced technology - and some features of culture and techology that are barely seen today -  even in our admittedly dynamic and advanced technological present day state. We are still learning, today, about astronomical and "time" calculations that the Mayans already knew thousands of years ago.

Many scholars have pieced together, from the Mayan records, many monumental and remarkable events, claiming that the Mayan Calendar foretold of many natural disasters, wars, ages of drastic changes in cultural development (years signifying the Industrial Revolution, for example), wide-spread paradigm shifts (changes in world-view and/or concepts in thinking), not in the least the global world wars which are in our recent past...the list goes on and on and appears to point to the Mayans, their mathematical/scientific skills, and calendar as being very accurate...

Ultimately, the combinations of looking back on the past, matching up Mayan Calendar calculations and viewing what is happening today in the world...well these things are causing a lot of chaos, anxiety, etc... and what we end up with is a bunch of Doomsday Theories, 2012 Theories, Religious Prophecies, etc - SOME OF WHICH ARE SCARING THE BEJESUS OUT OF MANY PEOPLE... There are theories which say everything from "the reduction of BEES in the world might cause extinction or near extinction of the human species by the year 2012" and "a giant asteroid is set to crash into the earth, thus obliterating us and life as we know it" to "Jesus will return in the year 2012 and will "save" the believers and leave the "unbelievers" to perish on that day." There are Galactic Alignment theories, scads of religious theories, "New World Order/Political Theories," scientific explanations of environmental woes, earth magnetic field woes and more - the list actually keeps growing as the weeks and days speed on by...and so many of us are bonded down to our work schedules, financial responsibilities and such that we don't have time to look or think critically at all these theories.

THIS IS WHY THE 800 DAY COUNTDOWN HAS BEEN PUT TOGETHER and this is why at least a few concerned individuals are working hard to sort through all these theories...I mean - some can be easily discounted - but a heap of others (such as "Giant Asteroid," "Solar Flare destruction of the Earth," "Magnetic Shifts" and such) are being SERIOUSLY INVESTIGATED by the scientific community...

There's a small target group of writers and researchers, interested parties who are trying to EXAMINE these theories and find out what makes sense, what is steeped in hype-jargon and psychological manipulation tactics, what is valid as far as explanations go - looking at "all ways of knowing" in all types of theories... to find out what the HECK we might reasonably be able to expect on the date whereby the Mayan Long Count Calendar ends...December 21 2012.

There are two main parties (Blake Hall/Blake4d and also Mythbuster2009/Mythbuster A. Smith - ME) working day-by-day (The 800 Days Project is a daily effort) to examine theories, write, learn, explain to the best of our ability, and bring these theories out into the open spaces of the World Wide Web so they can be discussed.

The origins of The 800 Days Project began with Blake Hall... If you aren't following him on Facebook or Twitter so that you can see where this project is going:

Blake Hall/Blake4d: http://www.facebook.com/blake4d  (Blake is pretty friendly, "Friend" him on FB!)
Blake on Twitter: http://twitter.com/blake4dhall

I am following Blake on the usual social networks and made a "Follower" blog because IMMEDIATELY when I heard of this project almost 2months ago, I understood that this would be a project MUCH, MUCH TO LARGE IN SCOPE for just one person... so I do my best to "fill in" some gaps where Blake only has time and energy to provide what he can provide to this effort/project. Basically, my "follower" blog contains a glossary and convenient tabs to separate basic Doomsday theories and such... it's a work in progress but already, to date (Mid-November 2010) has well over 30 entries (The Project commenced October 12, 2010 - 800 Days before December 21, 2012).

Mythbuster's FB Details (if you're not already on my friends list or know someone who would be interested in this project and should get on my friends list):  http://www.facebook.com/mythbuster2009
Mythbuster's Twitter: http://twitter.com/mythbuster2009

Now for the Blogs

The 800 Days blog (Blake): http://the800days.blogspot.com/
The Follower Blog (Mythbuster): http://blakes800days.blogspot.com/

Now if you're just interested in reading and being informed about 2012 Theories, articles to spark Critical Thinking, critical social commentary and such, bookmark the blogs and visit OFTEN... Believe me - if one of us gets behind a day or two, it is only for a day or two and there are time-sentitive and date-sensitive posts going up (such as a special post for Hallowe'en/All Saint's Day-Day of the Dead, (Day 780 and Day 781, respectively) origins of such, etc. If you're interested but worry that you might forget to visit, add us to twitter and LOG ON to Twitter and Facebook.

ALSO - if you have something to say... COMMENTS are enabled on both blogs... and both Facebook and Twitter supply private messaging for members - USE IT... We would definitely like to hear how easy or difficult our text is to understand, how entertaining or dull, how well we're covering details or how poorly...

For those who also study up on these kinds of topics, I'm working on a step-by-step post/guide for how to GET INVOLVED in this project while getting involved still allows for a great deal of autonomy online ie: I don't have a say in what Blake writes... he doesn't interfere with my writing or research... HECK WE DON'T EVEN AGREE ALL THE TIME and that's okay...we won't interfere in your efforts, either, if you decide to start your own "Follower" or "commentary" blog to also provide pertinent information and commentary about topics, this project, etc.

I will post this guide in NOTES within 24h.


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