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The band for todays listening pleasure is the brain child of the author Chris Sims, and the rant of thoughts on todays blog is also by Chris. I am introducing him, so that in the near future I will be talking about his work with the survivors of a cult known as CEDU in a few days. But for now, here is a very interesting video from his band that I was turned onto, and his expressions on art and magic. More from this vein soon.

Creativity and Magic (Letter to Aaron Donovan)

by Chris Sims on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 5:49pm
Hollywood pyrotechnics mixed with occult knowledge recipe for explosive scientific innovations: see Jack Parsons and Jet Propulsion Labs.   My mind is still blown by Sammy Davis, Jr.'s affiliation with Church of Satan (not that all churches by their very essence of deception aren't parlors of deceit and delusion). I think we were talking the other day about the large number of these Hollywood provocateurs who present themselves as being progenitors of wholesome values while actually participating in much more hedonistic ritualistic magic behind the scenes (nothing more than another branch of the Christianity which they use to keep the masses in lala land). Aleister Crowley said, "I don't know why people say I practice black magic. In order to practice black magic you have to be an ordained priest so you can profane the Eucharist. It's impossible for someone who is not an ordained priest to serve in this capacity in this sort of ceremony." And then I read a very revealing book, Linda Lovelace's autobiography "Ordeal" in which she gives a real thorough behind the scenes look at early 70's Hollywood culture. She ends each chapter with the words: "And that made me feel like garbage." She claims that she was made to do all of this stuff against her will. She was forced into the porn industry by her husband and was a slave to his whims (he later divorced Linda and married Marlyn Chambers of "Behind the Green Door" fame). What is interesting is that "Deep Throat" was accepted by many as an art film. It had a degree of respectability attached to it. This is true since it capitulated Linda and her husband Chuck into the hallowed hall of hedonism: The Playboy Mansion. Since Linda Lovelace had a technique of sexual relief attached to the namesake of her film "Deep Throat" people would talk about her in the third person in front of her like people often do with the elderly. In essence Linda Lovelace wasn't so much a person as she was a sexual device that people wanted to try out. She writes about all sorts of dirt, but by far one of the most memorable parts of the book has to do with Hugh Hefner. According to Linda Lovelace, he keeps a stable of German shepherds behind the Playboy Mansion. He treats the dogs very well (better than the playmates). Hugh's main goal is to have Linda star in a homemade dog porn movie. According to Linda she was in these movies prior to Hugh's impromptu filming and she knew how to move in order to simulate penetration with a dog. She said that in order to be a playmate, or a playmate of the year, you had to appear in dog porn with one of Hugh's dogs. Of course, she ended the chapter with the usual adage: "And that made me feel like garbage." Later in the book Sammy Davis Jr. befriends Linda and her husband. They wife swap, but when Sammy and Linda are alone, Sammy confesses that he wants to learn how to perform the deep throat technique himself. So Linda has him sneak up on her husband in a darkened movie theater and Sammy, after coaching from Linda, successfully performs the deep throat technique. It is important to remember, besides needing an ordained priest to preside over the ceremony, in ordered to be conveyed to the black mass, according to 19th century French magician Eliphas Levi, you have to be "mounted by a goat or a large black man."  Then again, the name Hollywood, according to Jordan Maxwell, is derived from the druid magicians wand. It was his most important magical device. It was always fashioned out of holly. Hence the name: Hollywood. A pact must be in the making for most everyone who appears on television or radio due to the sheer amount of mediocrity on display as talent. And that perhaps is the curse of the system. No matter how many "America's Got Talent" or "American Idol's" are conducted not even once have they ever discovered one person with anything remotely resembling talent. That is because talent and creativity are magic. Good magic. The muse cannot be standardized or measured with a contest of competition. Once you enter into a pact of this sort then your capability to perform feats of magic is taken from you. In fact in a world of technological slavery, ruled by lies, electronic manipulation, armies, and religious delusion art is the only empowering act that protects you from these forces. Art is a gift of freedom. It illuminates all who let it in. Capturing this spark is the one thing that alludes nefarious influences which abound.

" I don't trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die..." - from South Park

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