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First of all Happy Birthday Troy.


Troy will be contributing to the 800 Days in the future, and has already been assisting me with choices in video and music for the blog. Go back to Christmas Day 2010 to see one of his brilliant suggestions.
Troy is my friend, a near master of language, and a contributor to the 800 Days.
In the future you will be seeing more of Troy's influence and work. As well as his influence in the music and video departments of things. But for today, I just want to introduce you to Troy the Artist, Musician, and Writer. And it gives me a chance to let the world hear the work Troy, Rick Reed, and I did together as the band Halo/Gen. I have included the written self review that Troy so masterfully wrote for MySpace.

Since most of you do not know about the time Troy and I spent doing art together. Today is dedicated to my past life incarnation with my musical comrade. To let fans get to know other parts of our world.

Troy's biography of the life and times of White Light Revolver ( or Halo / Gen ) from Myspace
And here is a link to the music...sorry not currently able to provide it for you on the page.

General Info

  • Genre: Gothic / Industrial / Psychedelic
    Location MANITOU SPRINGS, Colorado, US
    Profile Views: 1060
    Last Login: 12/6/2009
    Member Since 6/28/2006
    Record Label Loa Transmissions


White Light Revolver started in Phoenix, Arizona as an exploratory side project from Chance Reaction (co-founder of Christus and The Cosmonauts, aka. Christus Christus) and fellow obsessive psychedelic audiophile, Rick Reed, in the early Nineties. Initially unencumbered by technical musicianship, the two rejoiced in a playful experimentation reminiscent of the early works from The Residents and Cabaret Voltaire. Soon they formed a solid core trio with guitarist Blake Hall, whose more studied background made an inspiring foil for main songwriter Chance Reaction's psychickly-intuitive compositional naivite'. Moog-wrangler Rick glued it all together- a natural at laying down some heavy atmopherics. Darren Morphis was engineer at In Your Face studios when WLR recorded twelve trax in two days (making up the meat of the 'Walk Through Me (Exit)' album in '97). Initially offering his services on-the-spot as a professionally trained Chapman-stick & Fretless bassist, Darren quickly became a permanent member and ultimately the Zen rock of the band's personality-dynamic. White Light Revolvers' live presence was mostly in collusion with ThoughtCrime, a TOPY- affiliated multimedia art gallery and performance space. Sadly, various problems- both rock-n-roll and domestic- fizzled the band out by the turn of the Century, although Chance and Rick have wanted the oppurtunity to work together again for some years (prevented so far by Chance Reaction's relocation to Colorado). Chance has recently collaborated on the Ancestral Vessel project with Dellianan of The Sea and Lucien Morningstar (both from Blood Red Thread and The Necro Sluts). Check out their Myspace pages! I also have a personal page (Chance Reaction), containing various other tidbits of info for the curious! Oh yeah, a handful of Phoenix folk may know us better as Halogen (until we noticed a slew of other bands having taken up the moniker- including another local band!!) UPDATE: Chance Reaction and Blake Hall have resumed communication as of 12/09, after a decade of being out of contact. Blake has shown interest in resuming the band, as well, leaving only Darren to be found. Truth is, if chance moves back to Phoenix, the band will likely reform. There's still the possibility of recording new material from different states via internet, but Chance would much rather tap into the live energy of being in the same room if possible! Plus, we'd likely reform as Halo/Gen and explore the vearious possibilities of meaning hidden within such symbolic configuration (since it would be a pain in the ass to exist as White Light Revolver, now that certain wastoid rock reptiles have soiled it's most surface layer of suggestion).

Member Since:

June 28, 2006


Chance Reaction- Rick Reed- Blake Hall- Darren Morphis (with occasional help from Mike "Moon" Baiden)


Alien Sex Fiend, Beatles, Cabaret Voltaire, Can, Chrome, Killing Joke, Legendary Pink Dots, The Fall, Faust, Minimal Man, The Residents, Robyn Hitchcock, Section 25, Syd Barrett, Tangerine Dream, Tones on Tail, Virgin Prunes, Velvet Underground, Wire

Sounds Like:

Virgin Prunes, Chrome, (early) Tuxedomoon, Shockheaded Peters, Colin Newman... early post-punk with a dash of Hawkwind/ musique cosmische, more or less

Record Label:

Loa Transmissions
Also here are links to other musical collaborations Troy has recently been involved with:

Troy and Blake4d in a rare dual guitar pose.

The trio of Rick, Troy, and Blake4d

And the important four man lineup with Darrin Morphis.

I hope that this gives you a little more insight as to where I am my friends maybe coming from in the years before the 800 Days, and if not...well, if you can't use blatant self promotion for the benefit of your friends. Then what the Hell are you going to use it for.

" There are people, there are not people...I am not people." - Bobby Jones

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