Monday, November 8, 2010


Does it seem logical to assume that all life in the universe has a fully functioning brain? What about amoebas?


Steven Hawking might say that it is practically ignorant to say there is no life out there, but it is just as ignorant to say that it does without any real proof. The way I see it, keeping an open mind that life could exist is the way to go. We have never found other life, so it would be ignorant to say it definitely exists. Even if there is a low probability, life still could exist.


Statistically speaking, the universe should be teeming with life. It's not to hard to imagine that Tentacle Jesus died for alien sins, is it?


During Genesis all there was was God, right? So who is God referring to when he says us?

Can't speak for everyone, to be sure, but at least some of us do not believe there are other sentient forms of life, or there would have been no need for Jesus Christ to have died for the sins of mankind.


This isn't meant as a shot at religion, but why does Jesus dying for the sins of mankind effect the possibility of alien life? He didn't die for the sins of dogs or sheep and they still exist.

It doesn't seem probable that we're the only living things in this universe. There are other living beings out there, and it would be fascinating to see how they look like and how they communicate. It won't be anything near to being human. Perhaps they are smarter than us.

Well, The Roman Catholic church pronounced that believing in life else where doesn't conflict with believing in Jesus and God. It says no where in the Bible that we are the only form of life out there. Why can't God, and Jesus do the same for beings elsewhere?


Some have objected in the past to this. I don't want to mention any names.
Estimated time of arrival is irrelevant to most debate on the subject matter.
Freedom of speech applies to everything that we want to hear...


What is alien? Are cockroaches alien? Dolphins? The microbes in your body attacking other "alien" microbes. Will people in the future have bodies they made? will they look completely different? Is god subject too form? What makes a Man a Man? Is it what a man looks like or where he comes from? Is there any creature subject too form? You could say that Jesus was an "alien", who died for the same reason we murdered everybody else before him and after because we are insane (forgive them, they don't know what their doing). We kill anything that is different for fear.


According to some Southerners, someone who moves to their area -say from Up North- is a foreigner, and someone from overseas is an alien.
Yes, although they appear to be American, I'm certain the people next door are aliens from an alternate universe. Other than that, I do think that the universe is "alive", in motion, and continuously changing, which is a sign of life, is it not? Therefore, I think it's probable we are not alone.


You are born on the Earth, no matter what that is your current being, whatever else you are the Great Earth Mother has chose you as one of her Children. And she loves you in a way no other existing entities or starseed relations can give you, she is yours and you and hers. That is how I would explain that...
You are twice blessed, Live long and love the Earth.
While you are here, you are here to be with her and learn all you can. I am guessing that this planet is kinda unique in comparrison to most anywhere near our solar system. Others support life but the Earth is a ecosystematic lifeform. So far we have not found any others even close with all our telemetry and telescopes and hubbles.
The Earth may be a kind of Nirvana in the heavens, so my advice enjoy the ride.
Spin your axis off while you can....

My dog Honcho Poncho, who is terribly badly bred. A mix of Chuauhau and Airdale Terrier, but is bilingual at least two or three words. He claims to have been abducted by aliens before I came to rescue him from the feral street life...I don't have the heart to tell him, they were most likely aliens, illegally immigrated from Tiajuana, or Mexico City. And he was a puppy then so, the flying saucer he says he rode in may have been a great big sombrero hat.

X marks the skies

A friend of mine suggested that maybe your doggie is actually an alien, studying you!

If so his people must be highly interested in the Earthly powers of Spaghetti and Fried Chicken, especially the drumsticks.


" Man, those monks are way behind the times..." - Charles Manson commenting about the Heaven's Gate suicides in 1997, a UFO cult that ended their lives believing the Hale Bopp comet was a spaceship, and they were it's Away Team. Manson's parole hearing was the same morning of the discovered suicides. Manson as usual was denied parole.

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