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Well I seems only fair and prudent to allow some of the pro 2012 movments to have their say thru the 800 days countdown. This group is probably the most positive and non-doomsday oriented of any that exist. In fact they make all of their art, videos and text available free to the public. They are the better half of the New Age movement that is waiting for what they believe will be a great Galactic alignment of space time in 2012.

More information of interest to those who like this video with Eden can be found at the collective website.

Take a moment, now let's talk about the darkside.
Doomsday in all it's possible forms.
Here we go kids.

2012 is apparently full of possibilities. Yet most predictions only see 2012 as full of inevitability. This is the New Age take on the whole 2012  inevitability. What I like to call the Apocalypse Pow Wow.

Everything operates in a cyclic pattern, all things in the universe are a great circle of events.
What goes around comes around. So for a few minutes, I would like to take readers into a pow wow session on what we as a human culture seem to currently believe, theorize, fantisize, or think might be the resulting apocalypse we most fear.

The 13-Moon Calendar integrates the 260-day Galactic Spin cycle, where every day is a unique Galactic Gateway. Each day's energy is a specific combination of one of the 13 Tones of Creation and one of the 20 Solar Seals also called Tribes. The Tone and Tribe's energies can be expressed as distinct code words which form an affirmation for contemplation, activation, and revelation. We are ending one Galactic cycle. Either this means another begins at said Zero point. Or the Universe changes cataclysmic and permanently into a new formula where the old rules no longer apply.

Since the time of Christ, there have been over 220 dates that were identified by influential people or groups that were supposed to have been the end of the world. 12/21/12 is just another of those.

As 2012 approaches we have a growing list of what experts feel might occur.
Despite the sincerity and long-winded explanations, it's all just guesswork.
There is no scientific evidence that anything untoward will happen in 2012.

All we have to suggest that 2012 will be any different to
2011 or 2013 is that the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on Dec 21, 2012.

The Mayans themselves had almost nothing to say about what the end of the calendar held for humankind, and this suggests that they merely inherited the calendar from an earlier culture. In deciding which of the many possible calamities are more likely to wipe us out in 2012, the possibility of an ancient culture predicting such for 2012 must be taken into consideration.

These possibilities are listed in plausible order, or in order of lament guess work as to the relative odds of happening this century, also of happening in 2012, and of the ancients being able to predict such a thing. As best as possible.

When preparing for the beginning launch date of my 800 days blog. I reached out to others on social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace for opinions. This one stood out highly to me, from Daniel  from San Jose...

" I think 12/21/12 will be the last day before 12/22/12. And by12/23/12, we'll all forget about this. Here's the thing - the Bible, in Revelations, says no one will know when the end is coming. The exact words are: "Heaven and earth will pas...s away, but My words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone." So - if you believe the Mayan calendar thing, then you can not believe the Bible. The two directly contradict each other. "

" Now - folks can believe whatever document they want. My own beliefs are based on neither the Bible nor the Mayans, so my opinion here isn't biased between the two. I'm just saying that I don't understand how so many people who call themselves Christians and claim the Bible as a direct transmission from God, can say that the Mayans (and not the Bible) have it all figured out. If that is their belief, then they should throw out their Bibles and start practicing the Maya religion. "

" Also - the Mayan calendar doesn't say the world will end on that day. The calendar simply stops on that day. You have to remember - the Mayans were wiped out after just a short period of Spanish colonization. Their mathematicians began calculating their calendar at their peak, around 900 AD. By the 1500's, their civilization was breathing it's dying breath. They stopped everything they were doing, including calculating the calendar. At that time, they had calculated it all the way up to 12/21/12, over 500 years into the future. They had to stop somewhere, didn't they? "

While I don't believe in most of these things personally,
they are on the list due to the billions of folk that do believe in them.
These have been expressed by many others before me.
In my list, I allowed even for the most unlikely, or unpopular of scenarios.
This is the most comprehensive list I was able to compile.

1. Nothing Happens. The Earth and its people waste time and their lives on something that is not relevant. The odds are relative. The odds that anything said before this occuring in 2012 is low, The odds are not of such a phenomenon being real, but the odds of them happening if they are real. There also is little evidence that aliens exist, but if they were to exist, figures an invasion in 2012 is reasonably high. That is is this kind of thinking, that makes the 2012 inevitability seem real to most people. On the morning of December 22, 2012 most of us will wake up fine and happy. Also Christmas will not not ruined.

2. Asteroid/Meteor/Comet catastrophe. Ancient cultures have observed the skies for longer, and may have spotted an orbit that will culminate in a collision with Earth in 2012. This is easily the most predictable disaster for 2012. The possibility of our planet being struck with little or no warning.

3. Coronal Mass Ejection. Giant shooting flames from our Sun. In 2009 NASA told us to be wary of solar storms, and warned of the dangers to America's ancient overloaded power grid. Being without power for a few months, in the developed world, is a lot more serious than most people realise. A large one was recorded worldwide in September of 1859. In the event of a storm of 1859's magnitude cause power blackouts and wreck satellites. Some say worse.

4. Magnetic Pole Shift. Not only do we not know much about pole reversals, scientists are still unsure about how our magnetic field is generated. Scientists suggest a geomagnetic reversal takes thousands of years or it could just as easily happen overnight. Our magnetic field is known to be rapidly declining, and the magnetic North pole is moving around at an accelerating pace.

5. Black Hole Explosion. An explosion at the Galactic core, from the black hole at the center of our galaxy - could generate a cosmic ray super wave, and it would be signalled by a gamma ray burst, followed by the forces of a gravity wave might travel ahead of the super wave. One such wave in 2004 was the brightest ever observed. This gravity wave did not come from our galactic center, the effects would be a hundred time greater.

6. Religious Apocalypse or Rapture. Most religions predict such a day. Conspiracy theorists suggest that many world leaders have apocalyptic beliefs, and may even be attempting to cause Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled in 2012 via their actions. Possibilities could be argued ad infinity

7. Alien Invasion or Interplanetary War. Tied in with this are recent crop circles that have 2012 and Mayan themes. If aliens are the creators of crop circles, then one would expect the circles to be a warning of sorts.

8. Gamma Ray Burst. A 2004 study suggests that historical mass extinctions may have been caused this. Such an event could deplete up to half of the ozone layer and disrupt the food chain.

9. Crustal Displacement of Planet. a physical pole shift. The mechanism is not understood, and most theories are just wild guesses. However it seems quite likely we had one 12,000 years ago, and what goes around, comes around. Charles Hapgood provided substantial evidence for a pole shift at that time, and Allan and Delair have added to it in their book Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C. Take into account that Albert Einstein endorsed Hapgood's ideas, and we have something to worry about.

10. Cosmic Rays Cause Planetary problems. scientists have yet to work out where most high-energy cosmic rays come from. Either an increase striking our atmosphere, or a weakening of our shields, will let in more cosmic rays. They are already zipping through your body every second, and they could end up being our silent killers. As one example of their danger, airlines do not let pregnant women work on their inter-continental routes, because of the increased exposure to cosmic rays at those heights.

11. Flu Pandemic Outbreak. It might not be swine flu or the Marburg virus, but flu researchers say a deadly pandemic is not a case of if, but when. Our generation is generally unaware of how bad the pandemic of 1918 was - it killed 50 million people. It was the number one cause of death amongst soldiers in WW1. Being killed by the enemy came second. In this age a pandemic would have much wider effects, and on a much larger population.

12. Nuclear War. Yes, although the Cold War is over, and fewer bunkers are being built, the threat is still very real. Tensions between the Korean, and India & Pakistan are worrisome, as are the huge bunkers that the Russians have built. The Yamantau complex is large enough to protect 60,000 people!

13. Biological or Chemical War. Almost all of the same issues listed in number eleven above. Exception is that the effects upon Earth species and the genetic code could be wider sweeping, and more than permanet in their global effects on the planet. Not just human life.

14.  Supervolcano Eruption and Activity. Yes these are real, they have caused great catastrophes in the past, and we have no idea when the next eruption will be. Some believe Yellowstone could explode again soon, as it has been exhibiting signs of unrest, with earthquake swarms, ground deformation and considerable heat and gas emissions. It it did erupt, expect half of the USA to be wiped out, and major variations in global climate for many years.

15. Artifical Intelligence and Robots Evolve. The science fiction and science facts between Terminator and I Robot is an easy prediction: robots one day will have the capacity to rule the world. Are we stupid enough to allow it to happen? Very possibly, but more likely is evolution of AI could lead Robots to judge the human species as obsolete or dangerous to the Earth.

16.  Global Warming or Greenhouse Effect like catastrophe. Some say,  it will only take an increase of a couple of degrees to make life very difficult for most humans. Luckily for us, it is unlikely to wipe us out as early as 2012. But remains a lingering issue for the Earth in the future. This also might be a side effect of other catastrophic outcomes.

17. Time Travel causes Unknown Catastrophic error. Perhaps someone from the future ventures into our past and causes a conflict in the time-space continuum... if it causes us harm in 2012, maybe someone managed to zip back in time and warn the ancients of it? Could it even be avoided?

18. Nanotechnology effects Humanity. All the while this might have health concerns when used in everyday products like sunscreen or contact lenses, the doomsday risk is when self-replicating little things are developed. Fortunately 2012 seems too soon for some mad scientist to let the grey goo loose. Or so we must hope.

19. Nearby Supernova Apocalypse. experts say that no supernova candidates are close enough to harm us. But how many supernovas have they observed? This is where, after the fact, scientists we should have seen such a thing coming.

20. Genetic Modification causes Devolution of Humanity. As we blindly take vaccinations, and we might be sheep when it comes to modern gene therapy as well. Our desire to live longer might just be our undoing. Or just our desire to be better looking. The genome is a hazardous thing to play with.

21. Nuclear Accident of Power Source / Plant. We must remember nothing is foolproof. We've had such accidents in the past, and a bigger accident is totally possible. Hard for the ancients to predict, though. But maybe not impossible.

22. Modern Ice Age. Even right now the buzz is about global warming, yet a mere thirty years ago we were worried about an impending Ice Age. There is evidence that parts of our climate system work more like a switch than a dial, and if a certain level of temperature is reached, it may cause what is known as abrupt climate change. Most likely, other catastrophic events will occur first, and this one is not high on the list therefore.

23. Solar System Falls Apart. This is known in theoretical sciences as the butterfly effect. And to the best of our knowledge, everything is fine on Earth for a long, long time. However simulations have shown how Mercury could cause Earth and Mars to collide a few billion years from now. Yet if you throw a stray comet or Planet X into the mix, and our solar system could turn into a catastrophic pinball machine any old time.

24. Large Hadron Collider. Modern scientists have been tinkering with something they think they understand the risks of, but what if their black hole calculations are wrong? Is it worth the risk? Originally we were told by CERN scientists that it was impossible for a black hole togobble up the entire planet. This has recently been updated to the growth of black holes to catastrophic size does not seem possible. Thanks for the vote of confidence CERN.

25. Nothing happens, but We Believe It Does. but by mass halluncination mankind believes one of the above is happening and madness ensues. World calamities are caused by our own hands inadvertantly. Low on the list, but a version of this would happen in sync with any of the above catastrophic possiblities.

26. None of the Above. But something does still happen causing a catastrophic event. In other words, something completely unforseen by mankind changes the world permanently. Or a combination of events related to some listed above, on their own do not have negative effects on the planet, but in combination the effects are unstopable by our modern sciences and technology.

27. Planetary Migration for Survival of Humanity. Similarly events or combinations of events cause us to have only one last resort. Utilize all remaining technology and knowledge to leave the planet and search for another home world. Unlikely, but in a list like this, this is a releveant and plausable out come.

28. Of course we can't forget that nature and her minions might try to rise up against us...killer bees, mass plagues of insects, even birds and animals that are predators. I read of tuna actually jumping out of the water to attack fishermen a few years back.

29. Add your own further speculations here. Use your imagination...I am sure I have forgot something worthy of note. Apocalypse can come in so many designer formulae.

Well there you have it.
The odds are relative.

The odds are not of such a phenomenon being real, but the odds of them happening if they are real.
There are various predictions for 2012, but when looking into the various possibilities, the number of different scenarios atounds.  Regarding somethings on this list, the fact is while I don't believe in some of these things personally, they are on the list due to the billions of folk that do believe in them. 
As 2012 approaches we are living in times with a religions come with lot of prophecies and miracles being claimed, also medical science does the same. Keep in mind, that it's all just guesswork. There is no scientific evidence that anything will happen in 2012.

When deciding many possible calamities are more likely to wipe us out in 2012, the possibility of an ancient culture predicting any of thes for 2012, must be taken into consideration. While at the same time, their actions point basically to nothing.

Attention, as this information is repeated.

All we have to suggest that 2012 will be any different to
2011 or 2013 is that the Mayan Long Count calendar ends on Dec 21, 2012.

The Mayans  nothing to say about what the end of the calendar
 held for humankind, and this suggests that they merely inherited the calendar from an earlier culture.
Maybe the alien forces will show up at our doorstop, not to save the world. But to wind all the clocks.

We shall have to wait and see.

In the words of my friend Mary Chapman, " far as doomsday I guess it's whatever you believe, my position will be clean-up girl...I'll pick up the pieces, and bury, burn or boil those that ended it all in the name of 2012."

Those who wish for doomsday can have it.
It ain't over 'till its over.

 "If that's all there is, my friend, then let's keep dancing.
Let's break out the booze and have a ball. If that's all...there is." - Patsy Cline

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