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Be on Time with the 2012 ProphecyBy Eden Sky
What's Going On?
Since 1995, I have devoted my life to researching the significance of these times on Earth we are living through. My specific focus has been learning from the teachings of the Ancient Maya time-keepers which point directly to Solstice 2012 as a turning point in World Epochs; the closing of a vast cycle of "history" and the entrance into a new world age that is governed by different values, attitudes and behavior. The Hopi call this the shift from "The Fourth World Age of Destruction" into "The Fifth World Age of Peace." Rather than the linear, male-dominated, patriarchal reign that has been at the helm for over 5,000 years, (separating nature and humanity, spirit and matter, mind and body, logic and intuition), the New Cycle to dawn is to be guided by masculine and feminine balance, and highlights harmony with Nature as the main theme.
This learning to harmonize with nature is the universal message and focus we are being given by wisdom keepers the world over, so that we may consciously step into our roles in this precious times. Indeed, if one looks, one will find prophecies from many ancient peoples, from countless traditions, also pointing to these times, here and now. We are living in critical crossroads moments where Humanity's actions and vibrations are being asked to Awaken and Transform -from the old to the new- that we may fulfill our potential as a species, and our responsibility to future generations.

All Signs Say...
All the signs clearly reveal that the Biosphere of Planet Earth - the unified life support system that upholds the one web of life - is clearly in a state of serious crisis, resulting from the crisis in consciousness the human race is now undergoing. The light of the New cycle that is coming our way is purifying us - right now - cleansing, preparing and guiding us to keep becoming conscious agents of positive change. This light that is steadily dawning is revealing all the wounds, imbalances, and dysfunctional habits and conditioning that have kept us locked in separation, fear, materialism, greed, scarcity, dis-empowerment and self-destructive tendencies. Based on where we have arrived in this planetary moment, less than 2 years from this Synchronization in 2012, we must look squarely at our collective situation. We must vow to do the work of transforming our personal selves so as to participate in this Great Healing, Awakening, and Transformation.
No Time For Distractions!
Do not distract yourself by asking "what will happen in 2012?" This prophecy is not about a fixed, pre-determined scenario. Rather, we are each collaborating in determining this answer as our shared journey unfolds, day by day, moment by moment. We are each co-creating our shared reality, with our fellow brothers and sisters of humanity, and with the living intelligence of the Earth and Universe. It is essential we comprehend the larger context of these times, while also focusing on the exact path in front of us, now. Each of us must work to hone our personal intuition, instinct and clarity from within our own hearts, as that is the purest source of our natural guidance.
A Time of Undeniable Intensity and Testing...
Yes it is true these times are witness to great peril and tragedy, with vast disasters and upheaval of every kind. These times are bringing more suffering than is imaginable, including a great loss of life of members of our human family, more and more species of creatures going extinct, and systemic desecration of Earth's total Biosphere including plant life, ocean life, all the waters, earth, air and food sources, etc... These are the Signs of the Times in this world that is gravely out of balance. And that is precisely what this prophecy is pointing to. Right now we are going through a massive passage, an initiation as a global society that is excrutiating and cathartic - much like labor pains - as we hope to make it through this planetary birthing process, and into a new world cycle.
I hold the perspective that we are in the midst of a Great Healing Crisis. Collectively, we are being challenged and strengthened to purge, let go of, and travel beyond the ways of the old world cycle, and shift from unconscious human ways of living on earth, to conscious ways of existing in harmony. Our survival as a species depends on our awakening to our interconnectedness with all of life, and learning how to respect this basic, precious truth.
A Time of Unlimited Possibilities!
Rather than buying into the perspective of imminent doom, let us know there are miraculous forces guiding this larger process. That is why it is wise to see from an Eagle's view, flying the highest in the sky, looking at the huge context we are living within, taking account of the long journey we've been on, and bravely facing the new Edge that the closing cycle of "history" has brought us to... Let us choose to ride the upward spiral of compassion and courage that will carry us through this time of massive change and Great Unknown!
You and I Make The Difference!
The reality of this planetary transformation process is it all comes back to us - you and me - and how we navigate all our relations. The prophecies speak of a "return to a garden state." This is manifested in the ways we tend to the gardens of our lives, our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our relations with each other, and with the earth and universe. We must weed our minds of limiting beliefs and small stories. We must water our dreams and our visions. We must nurture our connections and inspirations. We must compost the old pains and dysfunctional habits and let them feed the growth of our new creativity. We must be willing to change, grow, evolve and align ourselves with our truest potential, that we may prevail and fulfill this great mission facing humanity of positively participating in the Shifting of World Ages.
Transformation is the Name of the Game!
This Prophecy is calling to each one of us, to look at ALL aspects of our lives - from the simple to the most complex. We must leave no stone unturned in our conscience. We must rise to the opportunities of this great occasion! As the Buddhist Shambhala Warrior teachings prescribe: "Feel the fear, but don't let it stop you!" The only way out of this closing world cycle, is through, and beyond... This requires us to role model to each other how to be conscious, aware, humble, loving humans who are sincerely purifying ourselves. This means purifying our bodies and being mindful of the foods and substances we put into our systems; purifying our emotions and what we energize and make real with our stories; purifying our minds and questioning all the beliefs we think we believe in and the ways we frame reality - expanding our reference points for who we truly are, and what we are truly here to do.
This means purifying our interactions, our motivations, and all the ways we conduct ourselves. This includes our relations to: matters of survival, money issues, our sexuality, our concepts of "power," our judgments towards ourselves and one another which block our hearts, our self-doubts and low self-esteem ("the lie of unworthy"), our repressions and abusive tendencies, our attachments to our wounds and self-defeating habits, and our addictions of body and mind. Likewise, we must liberate the blockages to our visionary, artistic, and imaginative insights and capacities.
Time To Ask The Big Questions!
These times are also calling us to purify our relations to the higher spiritual realms which inform the physical world, opening to know ourselves beyond simply our bodies and our personalities. Who are we as Spirits in form? How can we purify and align our relationship with the living Earth and the cosmic order so we can live in consciousness of our unity with all of life? How can we live peace in our hearts and joy in our step? How can we walk on the path of generous service to the whole of life? How can we cooperate with all our brothers and sisters who are together on this epic journey with us? Big questions we all must ask, and help each other find the way, for the sacred cycles of Time are calling us to task!
How Can We Be on Time with The 2012 Prophecy?
To Be on Time with The Prophecy of 2012 is To Be on Time with Our Own Awakening to Our True Self.
There are many resources available to help all of us in these times - to help us find health and well being in our bodies, calmness and faith in our emotions, clarity, positivity and creativity in our minds, and ways of living in right relationship with the one web of life. is one of these resources.
We Are The Ones!
Thank you for your evolving human presence in this living prophecy. Thank you for joining forces with all of us around the world who are consciously Awakening. Together, with our hearts and hands, we are consciously closing this world age cycle, knowing we are the ones to establish the start of a new world age, come 2013!


All Hail The Harmony of Mind and Nature - Isn't it Wonderful?

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