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The Traditional Mayan Calendar Cholq'ij as taught by the Maya Elders of Guatemala is distinct from the Dreamspell Calendar system featured on the 13moon website and also here on the 800 days... on

To begin, both the Traditional Mayan Calendar (known as Cholq'ij) and the Dreamspell offer a 260-day calendar. This count of 260 energies is generated from the 13 numbers in concert with the 20 glyphs (13 X 20 = 260), originated through the Olmec/Maya of ancient Mesoamerica. Undoubtedly, we recognize the "Classic Maya" and their astounding pyramid complexes as embodying a profound mastery of the science of Time which surpasses all other civilizations.

In essence, the knowlege of the sacred ratio 13:20 which governs all of Creation is ancient knowledge held by the Maya and their magnificent culture which survives to this day. Dr. Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles (co-authors of the Dreamspell) entered into this essential cosmic knowledge and discovered a modern application of the 13:20, imparting a distinct form and function from the Cholq'ij, as a remedy for the westernized mind that has been unconsciously adhering to a paradigm of mechanized, artificial time. They identified this 12:60 timing frequency (12 month calendar, 60 minute hour) as the core program which sets us apart from the natural order of the Biosphere and programs us for destructive, dysfunctional behaviors, reflected in the erroneous conception that "time is money."
This new revelation of the powers of the 13:20 matrix came to be called "The Law of Time," and the subsequent Dreamspell calendar system they presented to us is specifically for those of us living in a modern world that is, by its very design, founded on an artificial timing frequency. The purpose of this system is to assist us in discovering our harmonious potential to live in accord with the natural timing frequency of the Universe in which Time is understood as the Universal Frequency of Synchronization.

As Dr. Jose Arguelles writes in "Time and The Technosphere: "The ancient Maya prophesied their own destruction. Therefore, within the prophecies of the Chilam Balam they laid the seeds of their own reconstruction - but not simply as Maya. The reconstruction had to be planetary, for their destruction in the sixteenth century was also an act of planetary consequence - the plunging of the entire world into the prison of artificial, mechanized time. The fulfillment of the prophecies along with the new dispensation of time (The Dreamspell 13-Moon Calendar) had to occur before the end of the cycle, 2012."

With great respect and gratitude to the Maya for bestowing this jewel - this master key of the knowledge of 13:20, we would like to publicly clarify that the form of the 260-unit Harmonic Module (Tzolkin) as presented in the Dreamspell/Wizard's count of this 13-moon Calendar is indeed a modern application of ancient science, and is DISTINCT from the form of the 260-day count that the living Maya in Guatemala and surrounding areas utilize.

In fact, the 13-Moon Dreamspell calendar should not be understood to be "The Mayan Calendar." Not only are there approximately 20 calendars which make up the Mayan Calendar System, but moreso because the 260-day calendar as the Maya use it today follows a distinct daycount as a sacred heritage of their culture - and it would be misrepresenting the Maya culture to not make a clear distinction. The 13-Moon calendar also integrates new knowledge and new codes that are modern revelations and are not meant to be understood as reflecting the traditions of the indigenous Maya, but are specific to the 13-Moon Mission.
When asked what she thought of the two different counts, one indigenous healer from Mexico shared her viewpoint: "I believe in diversity. I think the Dreamspell calendar is healing the western mind."

It is our belief that both systems have infinite wisdom and magic to offer, and that it is for each person to discern from their heart what tool they are meant to work with. We recently had the honor of travelling to Guatemala and experiencing first-hand the culture of the living Maya. We were left with a very clear understanding that their traditional calendar is a part of their heritage, their land, their religion, their rituals, their ancestry. We feel that if one is called to work with the traditional calendar, one should learn directly from the Maya and not necessarily from westernized versions of it that do not in any capacity integrate the cultural significance of the calendar.

We know from our own studies over the years that the two counts actually have a deep complimentary relationship and we are commited to honoring both systems and doing our best to continually distinguish the two from each other, for the sake of clarity and accuracy. We have unspeakable reverence for the Maya and we also have unspeakable gratitude to Jose Arguelles for his incredible visionary gifts he has given us all. When contemplating the existence of these two systems, there are many factors that are not often taken into account, including the massive book/calendar burning of 1562 in which Bishop De Landa attempted to destroy all record of the Mayan time science. The Maya elders themselves spoke to us about this, and how because of all that was lost, there are cycles they no longer follow, things they do not know and cannot answer about their own systems.

Some feel that Dr. Arguelles has resurrected lost cycles and wisdom while doing so in a way that adds illuminating guidance relevant to this current era, and accomodates for the modern situations we find ourselves in. As an example, the solar-galactic cycle of the Dreamspell system maintains its harmonic 52-year patterns while correlating precisely with the current 12-month calendar system.

Unfortunately, due to many factors including mis-information and partial data, there is mis-understanding and controversy circulating around the issue of two different systems. While we do not see it as a matter of a right and wrong count as some do, we are deeply sensitive to the ancestral wounds that native peoples have endured in terms of cultural exploitation. We understand that a new, visionary system can feel threatening to an ancient, established system, which is why we are committed to trying to educate our audience so we can come from a foundation of respect and understanding.

It is clear to us that the Dreamspell system is for those who are called to work with it, and for us - the magic proves itself day after day after day. After making calendars for 15 years, the ongoing synchronicities are simply undeniable! To those of us who live outside of the Maya lands and their traditional culture, the Dreamspell calendar is providing a template for establishing a new Galactic Culture - one which presents the harmonies of the mathematical ratios of the ancient Maya in a universal way which was designed intentionally to be culturally free. It seems this is why it has been so well received in over 90 countries around the world, with people of all different backgrounds and traditions participating in tracking these cycles.

The year 2012 has become famous because it marks the end of the Mayan Grand Cycle which spans 3114 BC - 2012 AD. Dr. Arguelles refers to this as the Cycle of History. This 5,125 year cycle, as it is currently closing out its final few years, is the unifying point of focus for followers of both the Cholq'ij and the Dreamspell. All of humanity is collectively journeying through this prophetic closing - all of us being prepared and undergoing great transformation and transition. This Living Prophecy is described as the shifting of World Ages, as we are poised on the brink of entering a new era of human consciousness, post 2013.

However, as the Maya themselves are very clear to point out, it is best to conceive of this Shifting like a period of "twilight" - meaning it is gradual, and rather than looking to a certain date in the future and giving it our power, it is essential that we comprehend deeply that in fact we are already right now deeply immersed in this process!

In terms of the specific Mayan connection to the Dreamspell, beyond the foundation of the 13:20 code, the Dreamspell also embodies a correlation to the Yucatec Mayan "Chilam Balam." This is found in aspects such as the July 26th new year date, the specific year-bearers, the consequent 52-year pattern of Earth families, and even the omitting of the the leap-year day Feb 29th is based in the resurrection of this prophetic tradition. Because there was a long break in this Mayan tradition, this Wizard's Count of the Dreamspell is known as "reformulated Chilam Balam," for what was known in ancient times as "Jaguar Priests" is known in today's world as "Earth Wizards!"

As Dr. Arguelles writes: "The Dreamspell Count based on the Gregorian calendar synchronization date of July 26, is a precise expression of the prophetic tradition of the Chilam Balam - the Jaguar priests of Lowland Yucatec Maya. The Quiche or Mayan long count represents the chronological order of such, it is a linear [expression] of the Tzolkin...The purpose of the Chilam Balam Count was to establish a basis for understanding that there exists a synchronic order of time, completely apart from what is usually referred to as the Long Count, the linear count of days (BC 3114 - AD 2012). The synchronic order is complementary to this linear interpretation, but introduces the human to the radial order of the higher dimensions...The two counts actually constitute a prophectic alliance...There is no conflict...The Law of Time embraces both systems in the higher fourth-dimensional order of truth."

It is of great importance that we distinguish between "The Mayan Calendar" and "The 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar," that there is no cultural misrepresentation, and that we are simultaneously empowered with knowing the true function of the Dreamspell!

In that light, let us briefly summarize the distinct powers of the Dreamspell Science:
"Dreamspell, Journey of Timeship Earth 2013" is a door to the infinite; a tool for galactic synchronization; the primary tool kit of fourth dimensional time; a harmonic set of codes which not only describe Earth as a living whole-system, but which also offers profound principles for social reorganization; a storehouse of the interstellar, interplanetary cosmological history of the Earth; the complete codes and cosmology for establishing "galactic culture;" an antidote to the memory virus known as "cosmic amnesia;" all in all, a multi-dimensional tool for the human being in the modern world to reconnect to nature and the sacred mathematical synchronic order of the Universe.

As Dr. Jose Arguelles (co-author of the Dreamspell) stated: "I understood the word 'Dreamspell' to mean any consensus reality... 'Spell' in english has two different meanings, which are kind of connected: a spell can be an enchantment; and a spell also refers to a period of time - you are enchanted for a period of time.
"We are dreaming the same dream together; we are dreaming a common dream, and that is why we say, 'we want to dream together the highest dream'...

"With the Dreamspell we are establishing the new cosmology of the mythic order... We've spoken about how the mathematics of the Law of Time establishes the cosmology of a new scientific order, but we have science and myth. We have the scientific sensibility and the mythic sensibility which are unified in ourselves in the two sides of our brain that cross over to govern the two sides of our body in a bilateral symmetry of the Loom of the 13 Moons in the Tzolkin.

"Literally by following the 13 Moon Calendar and the Dreamspell Count, we are beginning to overcome the Dreamspell of History... We are in the process of overcoming the memory virus...
"Through the Dreamspell we are talking about the responsibility of the Earth Wizards to re-enchant the world... When we talk about natural time we are talking about restoring ourselves in the sacred order of the universe. The universe never stopped being sacred. It was us who exercised our will, created this great, great, great illusory bubble that we feel is so real - it is us who have alientated ourselves from the sacred. What is natural is sacred...

"If there were no deviation from Natural Time, we wouldn't need a Dreamspell kit - but we have deviated, and the Law of Time says we need to relearn what it is to be Art. So, the Dreamspell is the code or set of codes that returns us to the truth that Time is Art. And since we are time, we are art!"

(Yucatec Maya)
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