Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Your Government Knows Magick...

what they do not want you to know
there are two really simple scientific principles that flow in everything:
matter spirit
magnetic electric
receptive dynamic
dense lightweight
contract expand
dark light
female male
pull push
black white
fusion fission

the Goddess is matter (mother)
She is the Earth and everything in and on it

She is the sky and everything in it...
animals, elements, plants, humans, water, planets, minerals...
all of these put together are the Goddess, we are all cells in Her body
so no to robots
there are aliens who think they own Earth
they think we are their slaves to be
used like their bitches
Earth is a free-will zone so under galactic law they are allowed to do anything they want
just as us humans are allowed to do what ever we want
several thousand years ago these aliens were allowed to incarnate for the first time in third dimensional reality
so they are actually present in human bodies
exactly like agents from the matrix
so a metallic reptile is actually staring at you behind the eyes of that authority figure
you can recognize them by their cold, heartless and warlike behaviour
and if you see energy like i do you can see their slitted eyes, long tongues and the evil they emanate like waves of stink
they are controlling the planet usually from positions of power
they want the world to filled with fear, war, famine, over population and pollution because that is the kind of energy they live and feed off of
as opposed to our human nature which naturally likes peace, harmony with nature, good sex, friendship and fires on the beach
the thing is these aliens are actually really stupid
because they arent human they really do not understand human nature
human nature is something so amazing and undefinable that they are technically unable to control us unless we allow it
we are the jewels of the universe because in our dna we hold the keys to the garden
that is really why they have enslaved us because they are trying to get the keys to the garden
the garden exists on Earth right now
it is inside of your heart
the garden is where we are free
no rules, no authourity
nothing to do but what you will
no time, no schedules, no commitments
the only way to get to these keys to the garden is through unconditional love
complete acceptance of reality
the stupid aliens have no hearts so they cannot even fathom what love is
so the keys to open the gate to the garden are inaccessible to them
ha ha stupid aliens
She has a husband, lover, partner...
He is God (but not the chrisitan concept of god)
He is know as the Lord of the Forest or the Horned One, Consort of the Goddess
He is the spirit that moves through matter
the sunlight that keeps us alive
God and Goddess love (the meeting of spirit and matter = like you!)

They are very real and are alive and live
She is the center of the Earth - the iron core crystal in the center of the Earth is the magnetic core - like a magnet
He is the Sun - the center of the Sun is nuclear - His energy, spirit and light keep the Earth alive
They are One - unseperable - together They are the Creator - the adrogynous Creator of All
it takes two to tango!


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