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10 Nightmares
Meanings Explained
Find out what the ten most common night frights mean.

Dreaming is natural, and so is the occasional "wrong turn" into a less-than-welcome nightmare. These stories we tell ourselves at night have an important and useful function. Dreams help us think about and sort out issues from our waking life. Here, the ten most common nightmares' messages are explained.

1. Being Chased

By a long margin, being chased is the most common nightmare. You might be chased by an animal, a person, or dark forces. Whatever pursues you symbolizes a part of yourself that you are not able to, or do not want to, admit. It's an area of your life where you may feel helpless. An animal could represent the more uninhibited part of your nature. A strange person or negative energy represents lessons you need to learn or accept. This nightmare is always a wake up call to take more control of your life. Sometimes this means making a difficult choice.

2. Drowning

Drowning or being unable to breathe is closely tied to what energizes your life. If you dream about drowning, ask yourself, "What am I blocking, avoiding, or feeling unable to cope with?" This is especially true concerning feelings you may not want to admit. In a dream, you can learn to breathe underwater!

3. Being Trapped

If you dream of being trapped or unable to move, it is likely you are coping with a situation where you feel you have no choice. In your waking life you are not allowing yourself to accept that life is full of possibilities for constructive change. When you wake, talk with someone you trust about those areas where you feel stuck.

4. Partner Leaving You/Divorce

This sort of nightmare has more than one possible meaning. Vivid dreams about a romantic breakup can be rooted in your own sense of insecurity or dissatisfaction about a relationship. It can also be a way for your unconscious to send a message that what you think is secure may be more unstable than you are willing to admit. Sometimes, there are lessons to be learned about standing on your own, no matter what. Think about what you need to feel secure in your waking life.

5. Being Injured

If you are injured in a dream, pay close attention to the part of the body that has been hurt. The head represents all of you; the hands, how you handle life; legs speak of what supports you. Ask yourself what area of your life you been neglecting or mistreating. It is time to be more alert to prioritize particular needs that may be taking second place in your life.

6. Teeth Falling Out

A great number of people actually dream of having their teeth fall out. Teeth are necessary to speak, eat, present a good appearance, and can be a weapon to protect yourself. Losing teeth sometimes suggests you are having a problem making a choice. You might feel you cannot communicate your real feelings, doubt your ability to take care of yourself, or simply fear speaking in public.

7. Being Naked in Public

Often you may be naked, but no one seems to notice. If you find yourself embarrassed, the dream is pointing out that you may be lacking confidence or un comfortable around other people. The dream reflects a sense that you are vulnerable, weakened in the eyes of others, and possibly foolish. This is a common dream for reserved people with very high standards. You can turn it around by imagining everyone else in their underwear when you are awake! Being naked and unashamed in a dream is very freeing.

8. Missing a Plane, Train, etc.

These dreams come when you are running around trying to get everywhere on time. It can also mean you have missed an important opportunity to move on or change your horizons. These sorts of dreams often appear when you must make an important choice. This is similar to dreams of being unready to take a test. You need to ask yourself if you are as prepared as possible for an upcoming challenge.

9. Contacted By the Dead

Seeing a departed loved one is a very common dream experience. It is likely that some of these visits are actual astral contacts. Usually, these contacts include nonverbal, telepathic communication. These dreams are often comforting and not at all scary or distressing. They suggest that love endures beyond our concept of space or time. If the deceased person is speaking out loud, it is more likely the dream is about part of yourself.

10. Natural Disasters

An earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, or other end of the world dream often means a way of life that needs to be surrendered. There is something going on that is likely to trigger a dramatic change from what is safe and familiar. This may not be a literal move, but could show emotional upheaval, or the need to accept a whole new way of being in the world.
Recurring nightmares
Most people occasionally experience the same dream over and over. This is usually a signal that your subconscious mind is trying to send you a message. When you understand the message, and do something about it, the dream will change or end. Scary dreams are a way of generating excitement so you will be more honest with yourself. They should not be feared, but rather welcomed as helpful hints toward a better life.

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