Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Vanquished Empires
Are Vampires

They first and most basic myth is the mythology of the singularity of the Human being. Some linguistic arguements could be made that the word Human is really You Man, or Hue Man...or Woo Man. The idea scientifically and psychologically that all Human genetics sprang from and multiplied from a single source is ridiculous. Logic and science have shown again and again that all other species divide or cross breed in order to survive. But somewhere along the way the Humankind developed the myth that we all sprang from the same Garden, the same kindergarten of Eden.

But where is the proof, there is little. Different tropical environments changed different groups level of skin melatonin creating skin colors. Different environmental elevations created variation of cultural, architectural, and language styles. Different survival necessities created variations of breeding and marriage conduct from monogamy to polygamy to incestual. Different access to resources and food sources created different needs for development of social an technological advancement. All having survival in common, but little else.

Science says that Humankind have no instinct like lower animals. But couldn't survival be defined as an instinct. That is a tricky question. Whatever the answer, there have been more proofs in evolution that there was not just one protohuman group prior to Homo Sapiens. Neandertal, astrolopithicus,
peking man, java man, etc etc.

Does the Viking culture resemble ancient Masada? Does Indo Ayrian asian culture resemble pre classical Greece? Does Roman culture resemble Ulmec civilization of the same periods? In primal ways. But not the way that a heard of Mastadon in any part of the ice age were the same worldwide at the same time.

If anything we more resemble the Dinosaurs, T Rex evolved at the same time as Brontosaurus. Not very similar were they.

The Hues of Man...are to this day still diverse. And it is not skin color that makes us have differences, eugenics was bull crap. It is not bloodline birthright like some Nazi delusion. It is also not that one day monkeys lost their tails and forgot to grow a sixth finger like Darwin drank himself in to at Galapagos. It is also not some blind idiot god's master plan for a chosen wad of holy semen to breed a chosen race and teach us all Kabbalah. It is also not likely that two alien brothers running a penal colony on Earth waged a war and taught the chimps to use tools and have sex. And I also don't think that the Earth is swimming on the back of a big Turtle island.
But maybe each of these myths tells  a piece of the story.
Each false reality is one piece of a puzzle no one culture knows all the parts of. One myth has always been in every culture, this is very clearly known to anyone who has read enough of history...
There are Dragons. They will eat you. Unless you defeat them.
There are Serpents. They will kill you. Unless you kill them.
THere are Beasts. They will hunt you. Unless you hunt them.
There are Things that will Eat you, drink you, feed on you.
If you are only Human, you are Food for the Gods.
If you are as Gods, the world is your empire
If your empires seek to live for ever and
If your empires will never have an ending
If your empires are eventually vanquished

Vanquished Empires...Vampires

I know it sounds a bit cryptic...but there are at least two species of what we have created to justify the myth of man (probably more, but at least two one ying, one yang )

 Human / Vampire.

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