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Eden Sky Teaching Time is Art

The Art and Research of the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar According to Eden Sky

" Time is Art , " says natural time researcher Eden Sky. The art of understanding time is not something to be taken lightly in this new era of history, nor is teaching this idea to others. In the last few months, it has become obvious that many people are interested in the year 2012. Some are seeking enlightenment, some are paranoid, some are hopeful, some are fearful, and most of us just do not know what to think about it. One person has come to my attention recently who has as clear and informed as perspective as anyone out there. She is teaching a philosophy that profound, yet is simple.
For those of you interested in Mayan astrology, Eden Sky is a Red Self-Existing Skywalker. On Facebook she states this under religious views, " I am Buddhist-Galactic-Bird Tribe-Vedic-Sufi-Christic-SynchroMystic Warrior of The Battalion of Light." Eden Sky is also a friend of the 800 Days countdown blog run by Blake4d, which is how her work came to my attention this last year. But her " Time is Art " philosophy is widely known, and she has been a teaching force on the Internet for some time now.
These quotes from Eden Sky are excellent examples of her thinking.
" Love is the Source, the Force, the Truth, the Medicine, the Way, the Meaning, the Purpose, and the Mission of Life. When I am consciously vibrating Love and Compassion, aligned with my Heart, then I am experiencing and expressing my true nature."
And also:
"We are the Song of the Stars Remembering our Beauty and Purpose."
Here is a little of what Eden Sky says about herself on her websites:
Since 1995, Eden Sky has devoted her life to researching and teaching the mysteries of the Ancient Maya, their prophecies, and their astounding time science. Eden has studied directly under Dr. Jose Arguelles, the man who is largely responsible for the global interest in the Mayan Calendar System and the now infamous 2012 date, including a 7-week long residential seminary with Arguelles in Chile.
For the past 15 years, Eden has been the author and publisher of the annual "13-Moon Natural Time Calendar" - a modern application of ancient time wisdom that offers a new paradigm calendar system, currently in use by people in 90 countries around the world.
Her mission is bridging universal teachings of wisdom and compassion with the intelligence of cosmic cycles to help humanity actualize our potential in this great process now underway of "The Shifting of World Ages."
As a pioneering force within the world-wide movement focused on transforming humanity's relationship to the nature of time, Eden has participated in many international summits and conferences focused on calendar change, including "The World Summit on Peace and Time" in Costa Rica in which Eden was invited by Dr. Arguelles to serve on the Education Committee. As a "Natural Time Visionary", Eden has offered many interviews and seminars, and has been highly active in organizing community and educational gatherings that share the wisdom of Arguelles solar-lunar-galactic calendar teachings.
In a recent journey to Guatemala, Eden received teachings directly from Maya elders and participated in several Mayan ceremonies including one with Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, 13th Generation Quiche Maya Priest; Head of The National Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders in Guatemala. Eden Sky has JUST been published in the brand new book entitled: 2013: The Beginning is Here? ~ an anthology of 13 authors, including Jose Arguelles, Ervin Laszlo, Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, Carl Callaman, Geoff Stray, Aluna Joy, and others.
Eden Sky's website ~ http://www.13moon.com ~ hosts a 50-page Q&A on the Prophecy of 2012, info on the new "2013!" book, and many, many free resources to assist people in reconnecting to the art, science, and spirituality of Natural Time.
Now even I must admit that is no small series of accomplishments, especially considering that Eden is born in 1977. Almost a decade younger than myself, Eden has accomplished much for her age. By anyone's standards.
In addition to the works stated above Eden Sky is also very devoted to her family. This includes husband Bob and son Merlin, sister Sarah and recently born nephew Noah. She and I share the passing of a Grandparent recently, and I send her my positive thoughts on this note. Also, this is not to forget her worldly ties to the earth family as a Galactic tribe. Just kidding...a joke for your benefit Eden.
Eden Sky presents a simple and understandable point of view to anyone interested in the coming end cycle of the Mayan Calendar on 12/21/2012. Eden says something is in motion in the universe. The fact is we are all out of sorts, partly because we're living in a time period where a final wrap up of events, environmental, spiritual, planetary and universe and stuff is going to happen around these events. Things are happening with or without our caring about what is going on. There are somethings that are beyond the scope of human control. Even those who do not believe in such things are going to feel some of the effects.
To make things beneficial and positive for our human species, we can cleanse, get straightened around, get our ducks in a row, so-to-speak.Or we can ignore everything, continue killing the environment, the world around us. It really does not matter, for the truth is whatever is coming or does happen, is so much larger than us that it's going to happen anyway. Those who are creating positive changes can benefit. Those who aren't will play their role in the greater scheme as well. After this, a world will be left in a better shape or in a state that is as it is supposed to be, according to the cosmos. If that is minus a large number of human beings who do not want to create changes for the positive, somethings are just as they are. There is nothing that needs to be changed, mostly there are things that we must accept.
It is said
The Ancient Hawaiians
had a prophecy
that there would come
a time on the planet
when there would be so much chaos
it would require many to emerge
as Agents of Calm
It feels these times have arrived...
This is a quoted bit of poetry titled 'A Calm in the Storm' from Eden Sky. Here she is talking about being what she calls an Agent of Calm as the Mayan Calendar comes to a close on December 21, 2012.
This is explained in greater detail on her famous YouTube video, but this essence goes like this.
For all human beings, the number one thing you can do to prepare for the coming Galactic Alignment in 2012 is to clean house in your own world. By getting your own life in order, the world has one less person to worry about succumbing to the potential chaos many will experience in the 2012 transition. For those of you able to do this, the world is in need of those able to become examples to the rest of the world. Those able should strive to be Agents of Calm, or examples of peaceful balance for the rest of the world trying to weather the storm of chaos that many may be feeling in the transition, all the way until the date of the ending cycle on December 21, 2012.
Now you might never believe in the telepathic possibilities that Eden Sky is talking about in the video - but believe me - even if you don't believe and feel that this is all just a bunch of bull, doing the things from the bullet points above sure isn't going to do any harm to you or anyone else.
Eden says that what we project upon the date of December 21 2012 has the power to influence what sort of day/time that date will actually be... We can shape what the day will be like. The date is expected to be our ultimate awakening.
Basically, Eden Sky is talking about Galactic Alignment theory within the 2012 Prophecy which follows a time line marker of the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendars (13 Baktun Long Count Mayan Calendar) and points to a date - December 21, 2012, for the date when the world as we know it, will end. At least in a metaphorically relevant way, there is nothing that shows that the world will be destroyed or anything of the like. It is the end point for the Mayan Calendar, from then on we have a map or blueprint for the next cycle that we are entering. Simple as changing the calendar off of your wall each year, and replacing it with a new one.
Eden does make suggestions on better ways we can consider, that can guide us how to live from this day onward 'til December 21, 2012. This is a partial list:
Find our calling, our breath, our center, our grounding and calm
Live by moving with and toward our healthy passions
Move toward our callings and pursue them
Purify and heal our personal lives actively
Reject artificial time as much as is possible
Get back to the more basic things, be aware of the presence of the earth
Look outside to get a bearing on what time of day it is
Look at the stars, look at the daytime sky, the clouds, the night, the day
Cleanse and become stewards of those weaker than ourselves
Become stewards over the earth and respect the environment
Find and project our compassion
Give gratitude and love to the world
And most importantly become Agents of Calm
If this date and alignment is coming, not doing acts of stewardship and cleansing and all the rest sure - or expecting awesome results from these, well it's just silly. This is all to be kept in mind, no matter what your belief. So ya might as well try to go with the positive, healthy, beneficial flow of things within your life. This is good advice, no matter who you are, or what you believe.
Her blog on Awakening Galactic Culture is at this website.
Eden has been publishing 13 Moon Natural Time Calendars for 15 years and runs her website.
Contact Information
Email skytime@13moon.com
She is also on Facebook.
Thanks to Eden Sky and other positive influences at this time in our world. This author considers the work and research of Eden Sky to be relevant and necessary in the new millennium. One day perhaps all people on the planet will understand that " Time is Art. "
Sources cited:

A Photo from Eden's Facebook Profile with the following notation, " Guess who I met last Saturday?!?!?! STING!!! I got to give him a 13-Moon Calendar and tell him his Galactic Signature is White Magnetic Wind and we got to talk briefly about 2012... it was an exciting moment. His vibe was awesome. A powerful reflection of an accomplished artist who is spiritually awake...."
Very Groovy Eden

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