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Happy Groundhog Day to All
And a Blessed Candlemass to all my Pagan friends

With the drastic weather afoot this week in America...I thought maybe everyone could use a little lighter news. And who better to resurrect for the job than one of the Masters himself.
My mom's favorite George Carlin.

Superstorm Covers Midwest and Plains States

This Storm of the Century Threatens to Affect the Lives of Ten Million of People or More

What is being called a superstorm will impact over one third of America. It is currently covering the Midwest and Plains states on Monday evening. The superstorm is threatening to leave heavy snow and ice in its wake from the Rocky Mountains to New England. This storm of the century threatens to affect the lives of ten million of people or more.
NASA reported this as of January 31st, 2011 , "Heavy snow is expected today in portions of northern Iowa, southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Snowfall from the system extends from Michigan west to Montana, Idaho, Utah and Arizona. A mix of rain and snow also stretches into the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, and it is all moving east. This system appears to be as large as 1/3rd of the Continental U.S."
The images captured by NASA with the GOES-13 satellite gives a clear picture of the unfolding natural event. What is seen in the satellite pictures is a low pressure area bringing snowfall covering nearly all of the Midwest.
This is a rundown of current alerts according to the Associated Press as of midnight Mountain standard time. But should not be considered a complete, nor up to the minute listing. This reporting is based on late breaking information available at the time of writing.
Cities including St. Louis, Kansas City and Milwaukee could be hardest hit.
Chicago is predicted to be in for the third-worst blizzard since record-keeping began.
A blizzard watches are in effect for Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.
Missouri declared a state of emergency and activated their statewide National Guard. .
Wind chills as cold as 40 degrees below zero are being reported in North Dakota, South Dakota and other areas.
Arkansas is having tornado watches.
In Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Missouri the state patrols have reported hundreds vehicular accidents.
School districts in Kansas and Missouri canceled classes Monday.
Oklahoma medical centers are stocking up on blood supplies and asking for donations.
Airlines canceled thousands of flights across the nation. Also areas where snow is predicted are on the alert for hail storms and other unusually dangerous weather conditions. All areas are also organizing emergency snow details with the local transportation departments. Safety is the responsibility of all citizens not just the local agencies. Try to watch out for one another, there is going to be a lot of extra hands needed for the duration of this weather system until it comes to a climax - hopefully with in the next three to four days.
As this superstorm covers the Midwest and Plains belts, the most advisable plan of action is for most residents to seek safe shelters and keep up to date with the current warnings issued via radio or other available means of information. Power outages are likely to make television, cable, and Internet connections intermittent if not inaccessible due to outages.
Be advised and be careful.

Storm of the Century Impacts Millions

What is being called the storm of the century is apparently upon us. This is the prediction from weather services across the United States yesterday, the prediction being for the dates of Monday Night (January 31) through midday Wednesday (February 2). This prediction has not absolutely been denied or confirmed across the board by the weather bureaus, but most would say it is better to be safe than sorry, if the storm of the century lives up to its name.
It is being reported that 100 million people will potentially be impacted by the storm, with the highest concentration in the Midwest and Plains areas of the United States.
This certainly would be the most major storm reported in this new century, and possibly ever.
Tim Ballisty, editor and meteorologist for stated this about the potential impact, " A stripe of snow will set up from western Texas and eastern Colorado eastward across the central Plains and into the Ohio Valley. Some areas could experience a snowfall of more than 6 inches. The snow will be accompanied with powerful winds which could produce occasional blizzard conditions for the Front Range and parts of the Plains. "
Low pressure fronts are developing from the north-central Texas area and are bound to be aided by moisture and precipitation coming from the Gulf of Mexico. As the storm pushes into the Midwest, moisture will also be coming from the Rockies, Plains and Midwest, this is " where it will meet up with a fresh arctic air mass."
Ballisty goes on to say, " South of the snow stripe, locations in the path can expect a dangerous mix of sleet and freezing rain. Finally, there is the potential for severe storms containing damaging winds and tornadoes to sweep across Dixie from eastern Texas through Alabama. "
This video online gives more information.
Many cities are likely to be impacted with power outages, closures of highways, interruption of phone, cable, and Internet services...but news is still coming in to verify this. These cities have been listed to be forewarned of major impact on their areas already; Denver, Amarillo, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Lexington. Of course anyone near to these areas should be advised also.
News reports are still not verified as of yet. You should consult your local news for up to the minute and more accurate information.
Let us home this storm of the century is not everything as yet predicted by the weather services. If so, keep informed and be careful everyone out there.

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