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Disturbed is in this song, Limp Bizkit, Linkin park, Crazy town, and Papa Roach. Others are part of the remix at random as well. Shout out as we talk a little about guns in Arizona.

Questions and Answers with an Arizona Resident About the New Gun Laws.
Gunowner X agreed to talk openly about current gun laws in Arizona.

Here are the opinions about the shooting from the perspective of one Arizona handgun owner since the shootings in Tuscon this week. . A woman who prefers to remain anonymous, so we shall call her Gunowner X for purposes of the article. Gunowner X agreed to talk openly about current gun laws in Arizona. These are her opinions only, and should be understood as such.

The nation has been gripped by the shooting tragedy in Tuscon, Arizona. Six people were killed and 14 injured in the attack at the parking-lot gathering for Gabrielle Gifford's, who remains in critical condition, and suspected gunman Jared Loughner has offered no motive. This is the interview that was held just after President Obama finished his televised speech in Arizona on January 12th, 2011.

How old are you?


Where do you live in Arizona?

I live in the central Phoenix area.

And how long have you lived in Arizona?

17 years

Was all of that time in Phoenix?

All except 3 months in Tuscon.

Have you ever been a victim of a major crime involving a weapon since living in Arizona?


Did you ever know someone else that has?


What were the circumstances?

I have known two persons, that were held at gunpoint and raped.

Did you own a handgun prior to the events on Saturday?

Yes, I have owned three in my life.

When did you first purchase a handgun?

1993 or 1994.

What was the reason that you first purchased a handgun?

Safety. I also had the opportunity to know people that were very experienced with guns, so I could learn to shoot properly. They gave me a lot of education, and the opportunity to practice shooting. Both on the range and out in the wilderness. Therefore I became more comfortable and was able to learn well.

Did you shoot once a week or more at that time?

Yes. I went at least twice a month to the range, for approximately three years. Usually I would go for a two or three hour period. So I got a lot of practice time. Twice over the years I had held a concealed weapons permit, and renewed it. I no longer have it, and now the laws have changed in Arizona concerning concealed weapons.

How many handguns do you own?

Currently just one, a Smith and Wesson 38. I have owned two others in my life.

Have you considered purchasing another gun since the shootings in Tuscon this week?

Yes. Mostly because of the change in the gun laws locally.

Did you actually end up buying one?


Why not?

I decided that owning one gun was enough, and I had no need to upgrade. Also because I am totally against what the law is. I don't think it is strict enough, and I don't think one should be able to carry a concealed weapon with out a license or permit. There is a lot of responsibility involved in doing that. And I believe that situations like in Tuscon are going to occur because of it, and more are going to occur. The law needs to be changed back.

Do you think the shootings in Tuscon were a result of the new law changes?

Absolutely, the ability to buy one, the ability to carry it concealed. However, if that was his mission, and that was his purpose. All the laws in the world couldn't have done anything. What I am struck the most buy is not about the law, but the lack of anyone seeing that he was troubled before hand, that he should have been diagnosed with a mental illness. That is what most contributed to the deaths. We will see if he is held mentally accountable and able to stand trial.

How much do you feel social networks contributed, since the shooter was on Myspace before the shootings?

I don't think anybody was paying attention. I think that might have been the only way he had to express himself. I must have been a cry for help. But I don't think anybody was listening. He once again fell through the cracks of the system somehow, just like his mental illness went unnoticed. I think social networks did have an impact, he was expressing himself, and he got the same old answer. Nothing. I think to him that meant something.

Do you think there is anything that could have stopped this from happening by anyone?

I heard that he was identified and taken out of school. He was told to leave his college and not come back without a mental health assessment. Which he did not get. In a perfect world, if the system had been working - this man would have got help. Also he was stopped that morning in his car by police officers for speeding or something.They ran his information, and he had no issues. So he was let go. So nobody knew that he needed help, to me that is the real concern.

Is there anything as an Arizonan that you would like to say about the gun laws here?

I believe that the current laws here need to be really looked at? The new law that allows you to carry concealed weapons without a permit. I do believe that this is just the beginning of things that are going to happen. Unless the laws change back. Many friends that I have that are gun owners had thought that there would be an incident because of the new law. But they all thought that it would be about cops being shot, or people being shot by illegals. Unfortunately it turned onto the public officials. The one thing I noticed ( which is the reason I wanted to learn about handguns) was the older aged lady in her sixties was able to get the clip away, when they tackled this guy. My feeling is that if you are not afraid of a gun, then in a crisis situation you may know what to do.

Do you think that because of this the federal government will be revising nationwide laws?

Yes, I believe they already are.

Do you think that if this had been done before the shooting in Tuscon, that it would have changed the outcome?


That is the end of my interview with Gunowner X in Phoenix, Arizona.

She is just one person, in the larger scheme of public opinion. Arizona will be recovering from these last few days for a long time to come. Arizona is a place of some very tragic history, but politicians and news media do not speak for all Arizona residents. People who judge this state on what they hear in the news about Immigration and this recent tragedy in Tucson, should not judge in haste.

If these issues have not hit your state yet, it is just a matter of time until they do.

" Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition..." - Anonymous

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