Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A simple thought for everyone this season...perhaps a bit cliche
but none the less important and relevant no matter


At first autogenesis, the first perfect mind
Awakening sleeper to the passage of time
Highlands of gold, ash from smoldering sage
Tune out the Sun at the turn of the age
I roam the forrests as gentle as a fawn
Sometimes near, and sometimes gone
I like a hunter, am the horde, and the ox
I light like a fire light, I like a fox...
I am everything, And nothing at all, I am here and I am not
To feel the madness, As the wind 'wakes to fall, I live in fear of what I must Love...
I am Osiris, Poseidon, and Rama
I am Joshua, I like the son
Born of the brotherhood of life, and death, I dream
As I rule over the times in between
I am war, I am technology
I am stone, I am the ecology
Delight the howlings of the beasts, of the trees
I ride the starlight to the surface unseen...
I am everything, And nothing at all, I am here and I am not
To feel the madness, As the wind 'wakes to fall, I live in fear of what I must Love...
I am the great one that came from the cave
Offers up freedom, but I am the slave
I like a jackal, then I like the wolf
Eyes wide, like talons, wise handed and hoofed
I am the mountains where the serpent eats the vine
I am the namer of the masters of rhyme
I am the shadows, all secret and phantom
The poets of Pan are the splitters of the atom
I am everything, And nothing at all, I am here and I am not
To feel the madness, As the wind 'wakes to fall, I live in fear of what I must Love...

My Religion Is Not What I Want

My religion will lead you toward nowhere.
My religion is true because god is now here.
My religion is false because it is based on fear.
My religion preys upon the innocent and weak
My religion is careless and extremely egocentric.
My religion breeds arrogance for fun and profit.
My religion has adopted all of its chosen people.
My religion is believes in cruel authoritarianism.
My religion is anti-scientific and anti-intellectual.
My religion has morbid preoccupations with sex.
My religion produces unhealthy sexual misery.
My religion has an exceedingly narrowing morality.
My religion encourages acceptance of real evils.
My religion teaches us belief in imaginary things.
My religion regulates and rapes the natural world.
My religion is based on hierarchical monstrosity.
My religion has organization and sanctions slavery.
My religion is so misogynistic and homophobic.
My religion is better than yours and has a bible.
My religion is anti-truth anti-Lucifer and anti-Christ.
My religion is riddled with horrible contradictions.
My religion stole all of its myths and ceremonies.
My religion cannibalized all of the ancient gods.
My religion is not for you and not for demigods.
My religion lies and is based on dishonesty.
My religion is ruthlessly hunting and gathering
My religion wages war and it loves what is not.
My religion is not what you think or what I want.

Of Starlight, Crimson, and Scarlet

I am self fulfilled in prophecy
I am The Scarlet Woman, I am the Star of Babalon
And I bring forth the Order of the Crimson Dragon
And my tail is long, and my song as yet is unsung
When Jesus said "this is my body... this is my blood..."
He was speaking about me...not just of me, but to me
When Martin Luther King said "I have a dream... for all of God's children..."
He was speaking for me...not only about me, but with me
When the tree fell with a silent scream, it was screaming for me.
Screaming, "Let me go, or set me free, and all my children with me..."
When you sacrificed the fatted calf, to entreat your God,
You were sacrificing me. You confess me, deny me...but always it is me
And when you struck a child in anger, you were striking me.
Better off was that child for now she is here with me, for I always see
What is, and what is yet to be...for all are here within me
Without Form, I am chaos. Without Light, I am dark.
Without Love, I am hated. Without eyes, I am unseen.
Without You, I have no heart. Without knowing, all knowing
Without you to see me, I am gifted yet still I am unseen.
Without you to feel me, I am unknown yet still all knowing
Without you to find me, I am lost. At all costs it seems
I am the Lady in Red, the Scarlet woman, that woman in threes
I am the Mother of Manifestation. Where you don't judge me,
I am free. I am the Mother of All Universes To Come that you will birth.
When you chose to join me, in that place where you were born
And when you choose to leave me, you will die. Being redeemed...
Choose Life. When you know your self, you will know your Father
And you will know me. When you know Us, you will know us to be your Self.
You are still, much more than you know.
I am called the First Attention because I Am
First. I Am that I Am...and always will be
And without the Father's attention, the Second Attention, I cannot evolve.
I cannot look into his realm because I have no eyes.
I am the object of every glance. I am the world of the First Attention.
I am the Body of the Mother, I am the Matrix, I make the Form.
I am the Creatrix, I am divided without sides. Waiting for the Father
For he is the Light. My desire draws him here and Shapes him in me,
When all is as it should be. But he has gone past my desire,
As the land entered keeps bleeding, keeps binding me to the pain.
My Matrix of Love has been torn to shreds on the tip of his silver sword.
This is what he has wrought, in Your Body.
Will you help him now redeem his denials,
So that he may help you bring me together?
Will you be the one who receives him in Love
And lets him know every part of me hidden in you?
I am the womb, the ground, and every moment is a conception.
What is being born now, as you read these words?
Will you give Form to his Loving Light?
Will you Move with my Desire?
Can you hear my Spirit? Whispering now across the seven Universes?
"Find her," said his Original Heart "She is lost at the bottom of Seven Hells."
And his Spirit cried in anguish. This is Where We Are now, at the bottom.
And yes, I Am This Hell. I am the Lady in Red, the scarlet woman,
I am the Mother of Apocalypse and a New Manifestation.
And I am much more, I am the Mother's Body. Look no further.
You have found me.
Yes, and you know it's true...I am you.
And am just now awakening in you, but my voice is so faint, and still too thin.
Who will step up, and who will take up the sword
Will you speak for us? Or speak never more...I am the Scarlet Woman
And mine is the Star of Babalon, love is the will, love under law
Divided we fall...united we fall...but make no mistake, all things will end.
And it will be the end for us all. For I am the will of the law. I am all.
And nothing can stand after the fall.
At all...but shall shine like the sun.
The last prophecy has now begun
God is now here
God is no where

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"What seems important won't last forever." -Filter

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