Friday, November 5, 2010



She says,
Behold me
Behold me for I know of wisdom
For in a sacred manner I am moving
And I know her way back to the ancestral clans
The waiting is over
She passes through the maze
She says,
I eat of her
And she eats of me
Eating my way out of mortality
She breathes dragon flies
Nymph beneath the icy night
Wolf cries to the sacred hoop
Yellow bear eats buffalo down South in Mexico
Polar bear eats man
And bald eagles gather bones
Turtle turning over to eat the cactus thorns
She says,
It is way too late
For the winged, finned, insects
And even for the four legged ones
And those others with hands
Hunted by others with horns
By then they shall all die by the hands
Of the one who eats of her corn
Today I am a bit rushed in my schedule, so here is a little work of fiction made to provoke thought - not to be taken literally.
" I love all insects..."
That was the mantra that kept repeating in my head, like a radio signal coming from somewhere unseen and broadcasting this phrase over and over. It hummed in my head, and seemed to be said by multiple voices, of multiple sexes, voices of women, voices of men, voices of children, and no voice at all. Repeating itself rhythmic and monotone.
" I love all insects... I love all insects... I love all insects... I love all insects..."
I tried to ignore the sound I assumed was an imaginary choir of voices guiding my tired mind. I tried desperately to drift asleep. Praying for alpha waves and rapid eye movement to take me, and save me. But nothing was to allow it, and the mantra continued to devour my minds eye. Thumping, crawling, carving itself into my depths and breaking me with psychic empathy painfully, as I lay cold in my bed.
" I love all insects... I love all insects... I love all insects... I love all insects..."
Then overlapping itself like a recorded track over the mantra came a new voice, phrasing itself over everything. Breaking like crickets and static, swerve driving itself through the mid-range overtones of the repeating mantra. This voice was sparkling yet commanding, like some fire sojourned. Yet pure and evil with intention. One intention, that I hear it...and listen as it compelled me so sweetly.
Saying its words slow, as a hummingbird low deep and monstrously.
" Time spent at home all day long. Time spent alone working far too long. Is all the time spent on insects that travel by phone. Time is getting shorter, I hunger...I desire..."
My body starts to twitch as the voice never says the words, but demands that I open my eyes wide in the darkness. I see the shadow of something ominous cast across my stucco white ceiling, it having a large head, even larger pinchers for arms, and what appear to be antenna twitching in sync with my body as it begins to spasm convulsively. I am spreading out with my feelers and my thoughts are running through wires that lead straight to your house and let me invade. You see me hunting, and I am hurting your children while you are away..."
The shadow begins to grow wider, and I dare not look for it is now apparent, The shaded figure so alien must be near in the room, for the shadow grows wider and appear to draw near me. From the right side of the room, where the moonlight is shining through the windows brightly. Darkness appears to be shining, like some halogen black light. Drawing nearer, making the shadows grow wider. Something is pulling at my eyes, I do not wish to look at whatever is to the right beside the bedside.
" Some of those children will make no difference to this world. Some will be recruits in my gang. They tell me all their needs because all I know, that anyone of them really needs is to be relieved of their sins..."
My eyes now see the thing, in all unholy and horrible reality. Standing there twitching to and fro. Dancing in a grand maul seizures style - left, left, then right...left, left, then right...then right, then right, then left, left left...I cannot divert my eyes. The shadows now drag close the room like window blinds. I am wrapped and mummified, stifled in silence.
" I will program them with new things, washing and bandage their brains from my cellular band. Soon they will also look like me with feelers and fangs..."
Then all at once what I do not wish to see, comes into clarity. My pupils dilate, then focus up and downward. The lighted silhouette finally comes into focus, there is a glowing frightful green praying mantis standing atop my cellular phone, it armature spread like a saint beckoning the stars, its legs folding themselves lotus like atop the digital device, one antenna touches the blue tooth connection port, and one antenna points itself straight at me.
You have had your chance and now it is gone, to disconnect the telephone..."
As my mind becomes overcome with the envelope of telemetry all static like, I begin to realize. The mantis was not praying, but was transmitting everything I had been hearing into my mind, via its antennae. With clearer reception than the fastest wifi signal. As it silently, but with intention commands me finally to sleep. Not to dream, but into a coma like a spell from somatic Morpheus. As if it were the last thing I would ever wish to see.To never dream, but to ever sleep. As my thoughts ended on that Samhain night.
How wonderful the mantra now sounds to me. Saying over and over, ever repeating...
" I love all insects... I love all insects... I love all insects... I love all insects..."
Then it tickles, as I know that the mantis is not praying. But instead I feel it and others gathering around, and begin eating me. As I drift peacefully into the alpha waves, and forever do I sleep.
" I love all insects..."

"Art is not art, unless it threatens your very existence...' - Pursewarden

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