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Welcome to the Age of Mass Stupidity. I came across a Google ad yesterday that said " 2012 is the End of the World, you could lose your House, you could lose you Money, you could lose your Future..." : So naturally I was too terrified not to click on it. Hope someone made a couple cents for the load of propganda that I was lead to. In preface, I am not anti-President Obama or capitalism, or Anti-American politically. But this stuff is the kind of propoganda that I dislike the most, fear mongering. Spreading panic and pure chaos.




Be Associated and Never Content. This is my new working motto as a writer of content on the world wide web. Be Associated and Never Content. This is my mindset now that I am on Associated Content. It has meaning to me, but let the statement draw its own meaning for you, as you draw your own conclusions.
I am relatively new to writing content for the web, but I have been working on the web since the early nineties. I have had the chance to work in almost every employed capacity from web design, e commerce, working for independent companies, school administrations, as a library tech, as a shipping manager, and a decade as a home based business owner selling books.
What I want to say herein is not a criticism but some basic observations that I believe nearly all of you will relate to in one way or another. Be you readers or writers or a little of both. Either way I know enough to brave the backlash that could result from being too cavalier in my opinions, so I shall try to communicate and educate if possible. But if you took a look at many of my other writings, you will see that I am teetering on some more controversial ground here and there. So it is in that spirit I say this...
Be Associated and Never Content.
Well here I am into more than six months here writing on the web on the Hub Pages, Examiner, Buskia, Triond, Helium, my own blog, and now on Associated Content. In this short time I have had some successes and failures. I am resolute in saying that nothing have I done without feeling correct in my intentions, and my desire to fulfill what I know is my best efforts. You know who has shown me it, the support of you all on the hubs and web pages, you the fans and readers is just amazing. I have been amazed at how many of you that philosophically are in contrast to me in beliefs, ideas, and even artistically have supported my strange thoughts and writings, Yet showed no prejudice but alliance to the brotherhood of thought.
For that I take a bow, in honor of each and everyone of you. And a moment of silence....
Be Associated and Never Content.
I have had issues come up with some of the places I have had business associations over time as both a business person and a writer. I have had some dialog with each them, and in paraphrased terms (for I will not make public what the actual response that I finally was given was worded like out of respect to each and every unnamed business) that my writings on Hub Pages, my own private blog, and other activities I promote through - were deemed to be obscene, inappropriate, promote immoral and hateful ideas, and loosely fall into the Internet version on blasphemous propaganda. Oh my goodness, I did not know that I would so quickly find myself in the good company of the greatest writers that have ever been.
Now make no mistake, I am at best a writer with some years at the craft and am not putting myself on any totem poles...but isn't this what Socrates, William Blake, Oscar Wilde, Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli, Judy Blume, Robert Maplethorpe, Margaret Murray, Aleister Crowley, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Marquis de Sade, Walt Disney, Elvis, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, the Beatles, Steven Spielberg, Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and even Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Adolf Hitler have all been accused of at one point or another in their creative careets and endeavors?
I am not putting myself in any of their categories... I am a human being, and more so a humble if fittingly egotistical and arrogant artist / writer on even my best day. But I must say that it is with a smirk that I move forward without the endorsement of , or any other entity that would label and brand me so hastily. I stand by anything that I have written, and point toward the potentially narrow minded view that the big bad wolf and all his up minions stand upon, all in the name of pure idealism. What I would call corporately sanctioned censorship.
It took me almost two weeks of editing just to remove the unnamed entity and their ads from showing on all of my hubs or websites. If I cannot make a dime from the ads, why would they continue to allow their ads to earn money on my bad little hubs so controversial that I am blacklisted. I have quickly discovered that there are alternative revenue streams that I am pursing.
Be Associated and Never Content.
The fact is everywhere you can publish content today claims to be about writing, and not just a site devoted to making pennies and dimes with ad clicking or page views. It is my belief and experience that quality of writing, truthful honest artistry, and a healthy dose of angst is the magic formula. Put that together you end up with integrity, something worth reading, and the money or recognition you seek is going to flow just as fast toward you.
Ask yourself, if you I know what people will enjoy as well or better than any corporate forged Google scheme? Don't you have to say yes? What is successful is not a formula of keywords, search engines are searched by human beings. The Internet is surfed by human beings. The World wide web is crawled thru not by spiders but by human beings. The computers we use serve our wills not the other way around. Take in all the methods you can, learn the strategies many are using to manipulate the numbers, surround yourself with intelligence and the best learned people who have made the ads click, the words ripe, and the links point their advertisers at your HTML. Yes use those silly machines to your advantage, set up the perfect worded subtle tiger trap as the herd knows has worked a thousand times. Google, Adbrite, Yahoo, MSN, Amazon, all of them are all just tools, treat them like it. Yet always keeping in mind what I think a lot of you already know...
All that is just a big bunch of mental justifications for your need to think that you are special more than the next guy, so you can rise to be a star in your own dope opera.
But that is the big lie isn't it, and the truth behind it is this...
Anyone can win, anyone can rise, and everyone is equally capable on their best day. Yet at the end of the day, the reality is, technology is magic. The mind you weild is a Magus, a Magician. Will it to be done, don't wait for the click magnetics to make you rich. Become what you are destined to be, because you deserve it as much as I do as any other dummy out there typing away does. Magic is being master of realities. Mind, magic, money, all come to those apes who stand up rather than stare grunting at the monolith. Magic is technology, magic is the word...Know thyself, and everything else will come.
Be Associated and Never Content.
I don't know about you, but if you aren't in it to become a master then why waste the time with your life. Seize the day, but don't wait for it to happen. Today is the last day of everyday. Truth is not truth until it destroys the meaning of itself. Do something here on the hub worthy of being exiled for, and believe me the universe will reward you. Write something worth the time of being read. Write things that people need, want, or that heal the heart and inspire the reader. Write things that challenge the reader, give the reader credit, they are smarter than most of us. Write something that isn't labeled art, but that is art.
Because as is stated so well in the words of wise old Pursewarden,
"... art is not art unless it threatens your very existence."
Well, I for one intend to succeed , or cease to exist... Blessings to all the Good folk creating it as one.
So thank you all that read my work here. And it is likely that all my work here is for the benefit of the ones who matter to me the most, you the fans, the readers, and my fellow comrades of art to which I ever conspire with all my powers of light and darkness. I am evil and good with every keystroke of my fonts to notepad, and I do it out of love and hate for you the fans.
Blessings to all of you.
So I salute every site out there for their inability to keep spell checking long enough to be marketable to the common people, I salute the suits and scuzzies for being the corporate servants that they always have shown themselves to be since the earliest days of the Internet. I salute all the warez out there for being the easiest to use sell out interface yet to grace the blogosphere, I salute the everyone for being bitchy little step brothers and of whatever is your favorite email system to exploit, I salute all the social networks for being the biggest barely working answer to the death of television we could hope for in HD, and I salute Associated Content and all the other like minded sites out there for trying to give all of us a medium to do something real with, and still surf the edges of all the dragons that they are having to pacify and work with on a daily basis. And finally I want you to salute the one forgotten entity in my surely to be edited all of you hub page writers, editors, admins, contributors, readers, and even the silent wallflowers who pop in and out everyday without log ins, or profiles.
And my friends and enemies out there know what I am about to say...Keep on hubbing. Keep on writing.
Thanks to everyone of you. You know who you are.

Be Associated and Never Content.

" I am pretty sure that Helen Keller was not able to vote." - Anonymous

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