Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Here begin the prophecies.
Here begin the miracles.
Here begin the terrors.

Nothing is written in stone
Something that may not happen
Nothing is inverse and inevitable
Something is waiting for us every day
So why is everyone waiting on doomsday
What reason do we need to make darkness day
As time is spent watching over your shoulder
Remember, It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over... 
If you remember even one thing that
I say in the next 800 days let it be this...


On October 12, 2010 Blake4d  will be remembered if only by a select few, when I began an 800 day blog that will continue to countdown the mayan calendar ending on December 21/2012. There will be posts throughout the 800 days, on varied subjects that are relative to the countdown the the esoterica related to the coming of the 2012 end date. More information will be made available and clear intent of the blog will be explained as the countdown commences. Blake4d would like to invite all of his fans, friends, family, and others of various intent to come see what happens for the next 800 days.

The 800 days blogger site address is http://the800days.blogspot.com/

and is already up and running, but just waiting for the starting gun to begin.

The 800 Days blog will begin on 10/12/2010 and end on 12/21/2012 - the official countdown will commence on 10/12/2010, at approximately 12 a.m.(Midnight) Arizona Mountain Standard Time.  
If you are successfully reading  this page, then it is already past that point now.
If you are wondering about this blog,
The basic information is there for you to read the recent article . The 800 Days

101010 - 42 Day
In the two days preceeding the countdown.
It is relevant, noteworthy to recognize this date.
This would be day 802 in time chronologically.
Science fiction enthusiasts call this 42 Day.
Also in the coming 800 days there will only be two more similar numerical correspondences of this triple numeric occurance, and therefore are of a very unique nature mathematically.
10/10/10 in October right now.
11/11/11 in November of next year.
12/12/12 in December of the following year.

No other such triple repeatative dates will occur using the Roman calendar for the remainder of the new millennium. Again, these are noteworthy, but not of technically any primary importance. Except in time.


As the 800 Days proceed and this blog begins to take shape, it will not only serve to countdown the ending of the Mayan Calendar cycles to completion. It will also serve as a record of things and events going on in this period of history. As the personal chonicler, it seems also relevant that there be recorded a record of the people and things that made these 800 days relevant for me, Blake4d. This I have given much thought. These were the conclusions I came to.

First this is not a doomsday project, noone knows what will or will not happen in these 800 days. Asking those who say the world is going to end, I found noone using their last days on Earth for much other than paranoia, or worse still the spreading of unverified propoganda.

Second I am already disturbed by not any prophecy - but instead by how people who are not Mayan, nor cared about such ancient cultures are quick to claim alliance with the 2012 eventuality. How well we in the West jump in the next slow moving band wagon. Never taking time to make sure we understood its methods or purposes. Or even tried to.

Third if I were a person inclined to believe in the coming of doomsday only 24 or more months in my future, I would spend most of my time on two things. Bettering myself with what knowledge I could gather to understand the events unfolding around my planet, and also spend much time making amends, atonements, and saying important things to the people who I know while still alive. What arrogance we all have, what selfishness to survive an apocalypse, but not ever saying goodbye to the world of people in our lives with our own lips.

So here are my goals for the next 799 days.

1. On every day present information about that day, its various holidays, things, people and events that mark it as unique. Especially if it is the last or soon to be last time that date ever occurs.

2. Share whatever art, ideas, thoughts, and wisdoms I might have learned in life so far, as they will only be useful if share with someone now in time to make use of them. At least try to make a contribution to the greater whole of humanity for a minute.

3. As time allows me, introduce you reading or participating to the world of people that I know in this life, and help them share, document, and make a contribution towards their own positive ends.  In some cases, I may actually have debts or karma I owe to them now - and may have to put my money where my mouth is.

And also one more thing.

4. Should the world not end, perhaps by following as rational a plan of pogress thru this period of time. We might actually save a few people who might be ready to jump off their own cliffs of hysteria, and maybe help some fellow humans manage their way better thru survival of this uncertainty that is the 2012 eventuality.

This is going to be a theme for my part in this project. I suppose we shall see what 800 days brings to light for me, and others as well.


As today is 10/12/2010
It is ational Freethought Day
and the anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials
some opening thoughts for this blog come to mind.

Welcome to the age of mass stupidity.

It stikes me down with sadness that today is 318 years to the day, that the Salem Witch Trials were put to a end. On October 12th we should remember how far we have digressed from the goals of a sane society. For on this same date over three centuries ago, one man took one step forward for our human evolution at Salem.

Yet they were not put to an end by anyone more enlightened or smarter than the average person of his position, in fact it was a rather common man for his status. October 12, 1692, Governor William Phipps of the Colony of Massachusetts made a decision that brought to an end horrific Salem Witch trials, and it was only this single person acting on his reason that it averted the worst possiible outcome.

It was at Salem that America first defined that we are humans moving towards a more enlightened goal, and Salem also serves as a reminder that our courts and public institutions should be places of fairness, and that justice is for everyone. We should not judge our world by whimsical folly, self delusion, or fall victim to the virus that becomes mass stupidity when all the sheep bleet in unison, in fear of being left out of the flock.

It was Governor Phipps, a Chrisitan, a Puritan, and someone raised to believe in the unholiness of things like sorcery, witchcraft, and voodoo...this was the man who came to Salem and would put the idiotic prejudice of the Cotton Mather, and all the local magistrate to a hault. Phipps could have easily shown up and been swept up in the mass hysteria of the witch hunt himself. But he realized that whatever the legal accusations, there was nothing supernatural afoot in Salem.

Instead he found an unreasonable amount of evidence of something very wicked and human was going on in that township. The rapid charismatic air of madnesses having taken over the minds of an small core of people. I bring this up, because as the 800 days progress, one of the things I will be doing is honoring the memories of every person who was executed or died in the Salem Witch Trials on the dates of their deaths.
Salem to this day represents the model of cultish self induced madness, the type that doomsday predictions and apcoalyptic beliefs seem to breed so well amongst the same rational world.

Noone is completely immune from such waves of hysteria.
Being swept up in them is a very human tendency,

It was the paranoia of mass delusion.


One of many subjects in the 800 days ahead
This article is the combined efforts of Blake4d and Cricket Rockastellar
The Maya Calendar depicted here was called "the Haab", the Maya solar calendar of 365 days. It was divided into 18 months of 20 days each with a period of 5 days left over at the end of the year. This short 5 day month is called Uayeb, "the resting or sleep of the year. The Maya also used another calendar of 260 days called the sacred round or Tzolkin composed of 13 months of 20 days. A cycle of 52 solar years, called the calendar round was also used. The calendar round of 52 years included both the Haab and Tzolkin calendars intermeshing with each other. Any specific day in the 260 day calendar had a unique corresponding position in the 360 day calendar but that corresponding position would not repeat itself again for 52 solar years. This calendar sculpture shows the Maya God of Time at the center, supporting the burden of time on his back. He is surrounded by the hieroglyphs of the 19 months."  Read the article for more details.


One for the last date of the 800 days ending the Mayan calendar by Blake4d

"There will be thirteen heavens of decreasing choice, and nine hells of increasing doom,,at their intersections shall the empires of the sun meet at the crossroads of the sea. The Lord of the Dawn he wil be called, and he tends to the Tree of Life. He said,'You will not know me by miracles, magicians can perform miracles; You will know me by the Tree...but he will do miracles.' He is a great master and he wears a strange mask, and before the end...he will take it off. And we will be surprised who he really is...' Read the article for the complete story.


One about evolutionary connections we may have in our bloodlines
This one is mainly the work of Cricket Rockastellar with Blake4d

"Are you one of the Starseeds? ...Know they are here FOR others, do NOT want for themselves & aren't self~serving, agenda motivated. They are true to thier purpose of assisting others in reaching thier full potential & catalysts in helping others gain true insights cover coming obstacles that stand in the way of claiming harmony, wholeness, & happiness in thier lives. They want what's best for others, rejoicing in them reaching thier intended destinations & are often forgotten after such, unless they are meant to be integrated as a fixture in the lives they've helped those situations naturally present themselves."


And for those of you who have not read my work
or opinions before, the next few links are to articles
to give you a small sample, of my ideas and opinions.

Of things earthly and extra-terrestrial

Of prophecies, miracles, and terrors

Of the solitary path and modern pagaism


There also will be information about the religions
and belief systems of now, the modern world,
These are a sample of the topics that I will be discussing
over the next 800 days, please keep your mind open,
be prepared to find that there are things not yet revealed,
or know to some of you before having seen them here.

Like technopaganism and
shamanic use of technology

The coexisting worldviews
of the left hand paths today.

That being an American is also
a badge of honor that is very Pagan.

Excursions into literature that
some of you may never have seen.

Strange pagan gods that you
thought were long forgotten today,

And their consorts of the divine
feminine goddesses alive and well.

And there will be more unusual and obscure part of our culture to be looked at...
All of these things are relevant to the greater scheme, for as the Mayan Calendar reaches its chosen end point. We have a world just beginning to explore its own depths and subtlety. Humans have just begun to explore the spiritual nature of the psyche. Let alone we know so little of who we are as just plain old human beings, nothing more, special, but nothing less either. So I invite you reading out there to embark for the next 800 days into many realms , share your opinions if you are willing, and see if the world goes out with a banging gong or do things truly fall apaart.

Ending or beginning, finality or new realities?

For there are more beginnings and almost never endings.

There is a first time when we hesitate
And the first time can affect our future
In so many ways
No matter how hard we try
Nothings ever quite the same
There's a next time when we try to forgive I think
No matter how hard we try
There is a last time for everything.


Thank you so much to those of you who actually made the efforts to read this first day of the 800 Days.
This is a beginning, covering some old ground so that I can try to bring all my best efforts forward to see more ideas fit into the puzzles as possible, this is an experimental project for me. I hope you will share you likes, dislikes, and maybe more than those alone, with me as the days move forward.   - Blake4d

" What the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end...
You can always count on Americans to do the right thing
– after they’ve tried everything else!" -  Winston Churchill

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