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This first video is a montage of information and sightings.
Real footage, authentic quotes and evidence from extremely credible witnesses. This will make you believe! Earth, Space, Flying Ships, Crop Circles, fireball & lights, military official quotes on government cover up, new Mayan 2012 information. UFO footage, NASA video, real camera clips, sightings caught on tape never before seen pictures. The disclosure project, & the astral world, the universe, & other dimensions.

Another really well put together compilation of UFO footage.
UFO COMPILATION ஃ Evidences from the 90's till our days

This next one is from my hometown in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.
Giant, slow-moving craft captured from street level, February 14th, 2009.

Some of the ones on this video maybe hoaxes but none have outright been disproven.
Otherwise some of the best UFO video footage film clips ever.


I actually was in Phoenix, Arizona the night that this happened. I
t is the only UFO incident that I can actually attest to and verify. I
 and thousands of Phoenix residents witnessed this.
Phoenix Lights March 13, 1997 -

Phoenix Lights March 13, 1997 -


Phoenix, AZ Webcam UFOs for March 2011 - Part 1


JERUSALEM UFO 2011 - The 3 TRUE sightings (HD)

2nd UFO Jerusalem Dome of the Rock Temple Mount UFO video surfaces from 01/28/2011.

3 real videos caught on january 28th 2011 over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, around 01:00 AM. The first and second footages were caught respectively by Eligael Gedalyovich and a friend of him that you can see filming with his phone just few meters ahead of him on the first footage. Just a note for people who wonder why we can hear the same thing on these two footages.
The third footage in order of appearance was an evident hoax, featuring american ladies on some trip (commenting "we've seen in Mississipi like that..."), released just after the two first footages for obscure reasons, one being obviously to discredit these sightings. And though these two first footages were only released since a couple of hours so shouldn't have been a big threat yet...
The fourth one (which is the third in this video because it does not feature the hoax I was previously talking about) has been caught by a guy named Michael Cohen who was going out with friends on that night. You can also find the complete footage of their outting here :
There had also been many reports on news, and many testimonies from eyewitnesses, including from an Israeli policeman...

Do you notice this triangle/pyramid with red lights hovering above, and glancing very strangely ? Could it dropped the sphere ? (it's not very visible here, so check the original footages if you wanna see them clearlier, because sadly I lost a considerable amount of quality when I uploaded this).

Check also the video evidence released by Jerusalem Weather Station, well as the possible 5th footage, only uploaded in March 2011 :

Here's also the first reaction of the first witness, Eligael Gedalyovich,

...see also the interview of Michael Cohen, author of the third footage :

... and finally the documentary made by Jaime Maussan about it :

Make up your own mind.

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