Friday, June 10, 2011


A Ghost Dance in Babylon by Blake4d

A Poem dedicated to Bob Marley

Forgive me if I do say to you who were my friends
And to you who were my enemies I'll be seeing you all again
My place has nothing to do with your place now that I am gone
No this isn't a golden age it is only an age of men
Men who think they have made us strong with books to keep us true
Men who think their time has come but not for me or you
Again and again I win one war but another just takes its place
None of us deserve this in this holy place
Children won't remember me for anything I have done
They won't walk the ground I walked but they keep walking on
Don't think that my homeland is an holier than yours
It is all just a game of excess and trust to what we can

It's only a ghost dance in Babylon

Remember what is really yours
Don't steal from the seas
Don't steal just try to give
Everything you have to give
And never let it stop
And it will never end
I come to you in my peace
And offer you my hands
To lay across the cross for you
As we try to make our amends

Outside the gates of Babylon the Dark Lord is waiting with bells on
He takes his wrath our of the sheath and slays all those who disagree
I am just a ghost now walking ever in the gardens of Zion
Of a land that used to be so free but now the chains are on
I tell you it is much clearer for you who are on Earth to understand
Take the risk before it's your last don't bother with the confusion
Or the worry or the strife or the challenges that are always ahead
This is what we call a life and we must choose to dance again

It's only a ghost dance in Babylon

Sweet raven fly for me
And take my message far
Far away from here
For they cannot hear in the dark
Take it to some nearest star
And shine the light from me
Give my children some freedom
So tonight that we might sleep


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