Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Harlequin

by Blake4d and Ed Cain

In a time that never was,
there lived a man who might have been
or perhaps only used to be
if someone could catch sight of him.
He was the world through blinded eyes
and cursed the day it wasn't,
he cried because it saddened him,
then said it really doesn't.
He walked around the world one day,
and never left his home,
he loved to be with people
but preferred to stay alone.
He said he knew the truth of life, but
that most of it was lies,
that no one lives for ever, but,
that no one ever dies.
He said the Gods were everywhere,
in plain sight for all to see, but,
if you look straight at it
then they will hide from you and me.
He said that love was wonderful
how sad that it was cruel,
and that the wisest man of all
was nothing but a fool.
For most think wisdom comes from learning
and who wants to go to school,
and the knowledge does not lie
in a book upon a shelf,
the greatest knowledge lies
deeply rooted in one's self.
I began to ask a question, he said,
do not speak the word,
for when you say what's on your mind
you're seldom ever heard.
Besides. I will tell you the truth
and the truth isn't for the meek,
for I will tell you, one last gift I will give,
The secret of the ages,
for the wisest man who's never lived.
He leaned toward me and whispered
in a lofty, laughing way,
Now listen very carefully to what I have to say.
Most people wish to drink
of the sweetest mother's milk,
but always fail to see
a sow's ear is made of silk.
He stood and slowly walked away
from where he never sat,
he turned and smiled slyly
while putting on his hat.
I slowly came to understand
the words he never spoke,
Never take things seriously,
the punch line of the universal joke.

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