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Teach Your Children Hell    by blake4d

If your child was abducted by a pedophile, a murderer, a cult, or worse. Would they be able to handle themselves well enough to escape and survive the ordeal. In situations as extreme as those, if they are not found and rescued within a reasonable amount of time, they most likely dead. The statistics and police reports show that the majority of children that become victims of terrible crimes, they fit into some basic behavior patterns that make them into a victim. They are usually ready to play the part long before the deadly day comes. This actually is likely to follow them in their life, and have effects even if they are never put into any situation with deadly violence. They may become the abused spouse the gets killed. They may become the victim of the jealous lover. Or maybe they will become the innocent patsy for some situation in their personal life, either way they were the victim years before it happens. So they learn it in their childhood nearly always. And it is the fault of the parents in some basic ways.
This article does not focus on the abusive parent that causes their child to become a victim. We are going to focus on ways that most parents would never traditionally consider good values to teach your children. Well I disagree.
If you do not agree that is fine. No one making your accept these as facts. But you will have to admit that they are not things that most parents try to teach their children, and they may have preventative effects on creating a victim mindset for our youth at home. This is an exercise, some food for thought and I welcome your opinions.
Teach your children hell, teach your children freewill, and if need be teach your children to kill. For the world is ready to do the same to them. What would you have them do?

1. Teach your child to be disobedient.

It is much easier to abduct and molest a child that is quiet, submissive and obedient. Many children even behave submissively because they are constantly told to be quiet, stay put, and be seen and not heard. Nobody is going to successfully abduct a child if they immediately start screaming if you approach them. Your child needs to know that it is okay to disobey anything they are told to do by an adult ( that includes you as a parent - for it is likely that you will know any potential abuser statistically ). Disobedience is defiance, teach your child to be egocentric and they will never willingly taken against their will. There will be a trail of evidence of their struggle, and you will probably hear they screaming for miles. Disobedient children are also more keenly aware of their gut telling them they are in danger because they do not doubt their instincts.

2. Allow your child to be rude to adults.

Telling our your child to respect all adults is a kind of brainwashing from the get go. We know for a fact that many adults are not trust worthy, and the dangerous ones are counting on the child they abuct to be obedient and respectful. Kids have a natural tendency to have disrespect towards adults as they grow, particularly in adolescence. They will band together with other children, they form they own slang, ways of dressing, and all kinds of signals that let the adults know that you are not part of the tribe. In general children are safer within their own ranks, in pairs or more they are safer. Even their music makes older people cringe sometimes. I know most of you will think the respect towards your elders is a good value to have, but you don't hear many stories about that mouthy rude kid being abducted. It is usually the good child that every thought was so polite.

3. Encourage your child to be violent.

What you may have to ask yourself is the major common factor of children or adults who are abducted, but they escaped and saved their life? The truth is, they fought back. They were sneaky, they made plans, and if the opportunity presented itself they fought hard for their survival. The idea that violence breeds violence is not proven either way, many things breed violent behavior like abuse, isolation, neglect, and being forced into confinement. You don't really see that many kids that are taught it is allright to defend yourself getting abducted easily. Maybe because if builds awareness, sharpens the instincts. I am talking about violence with some kind of discipline hopefully. But do you want your kid to have the opportunity to escape being captive, but they don't because they are afraid to defend themselves. Or worse yet, you have taught them that passive is best in all situations? I leave that to consider yourselves.

4. Let your child learn to be decisive.

Indecision not only leads to lost opportunities in life, but it often causes people to become victim minded. Victims do usually submit to their fate before it happens, serial killers have told psychologists again and again that they hunt out certain type people. Ones that they see as willing to be their sacrifice. This is probably not so far from the truth. Being able to think for yourself in crisis is essential to survival in the hardest situations. Again, this comes down to a philosophical argument of being ready to take action. If we coddle our children too much and do not encourage them to be decisive in the moment, we are doing them a great disservice. You should encourage a child to think for themselves as early on as possible. Personally I think it should start as soon as they being to talk.

5. Children should be taught to use weapons.

I know someone will argue that this will cause more school shootings or other nonsense. You may believe that, but wasn't it other kids that took down Kipland Kinkle in Oregon? It was the reaction of other teenagers in most situations stopped much more violence from happening. If you child learns martial arts, boxing, archery, how to shoot, and you are part of the guiding influence...then you should be able to temper it. Either way, you do not want them to be handling or looking at a potential defensive weapon for the first time...when they need it to save their life. It is my opinion that it is like the cookie jar effect, giving your children some traininig young in how to use weapons will make they less attracted to them for the wrong reasons.

6. Talk to your children like you talk to adults.

Many parents drive the nail in the cofffin for their children long before anyone tries to hurt their child. They do this by talking down to their child, talking to them like you would and animal or worse. A child that can carry on coversation with an air of adult minded maturity can be very intimidating to an abductor. They also are always seeking your approval as a parent, so start giving it to them. They need you to show them how to act and talk like an adult anyway. Be their parent and their friend, and quit worrying about how you appear to you friends, if you are embarrassed to talk to your child like an adult then you are being childish. Or worse you are manipulating them and creating the victim mindset at home.

7. Encourage your child to observe their surroundings.

Being observant is always a useful skill. Knowing where you are and keeping track of time are important to be able to do. This is good for their protection, their accountability, and for their safety. Teach your child to look, listen, feel, smell, and touch their surroundings, they may have no direct memories of an inccident. They also will possibly be able to give more details that are locked in the past memories of their brain, ahd allow for an investigor or law enforcement officer to make a composite sketch, or maybe they will be lucky enough for a license plate number. No matter what those who observe have much to see, plus plenty of the sink.

8. Let your child learn about money.

Understanding how to utilize power in these times, it goes hand in hand with money, barter , and exchange. Material money is the polar to the side of male menopause, if that makes sense to anyone out there. Money management teaching children math, logic, dexderity, desorganizational skills. If they know the value of money, then your child will know how to utilize it. Making phone calls, getting a cab, getting food, and even paying someone to help you can be a means of escaping a bad situation. No one can deny that knowing how to use money is not a useful and necessary survivial skill. Personally, I think you should explain to your child that in a survivial situation, it is permissable to steal if it is life or death.

9. Allow your child to have friends of all types.

The better your child knows how to communicate, the more versatile they are. Also in the numbers, if they are outgoing rather than shy, they maybe able to talk their way out of danger by soliciting the assistance of others. Friends teach you how to have fun, how to love, and even how to compete. Other friendships teach you how to lie, how to use cunning, and how to manipulate others. Like that book by Dale Carnegie, How to make friends and influence people. If your child is capable of using their influence powers in a crisis situation, they have a uniquely powerful advantage...especially if it works at all well. Either way, they will be more able to survive if they can communicate. Even to convince their abductor it is worth it to keep them alive a little longer. You don't learn tricky mind games and stealth from your parents, you learn it from those bad influences that parents try to keep you from. Besides it could also lead your child to bigger and better places if they master it. But if they are dead, it won't matter anyway.

10. Teach your child to think for strategically.

Everyone should learn how to play chess in my ideal world, because strategy is very simple but often neglected as a defensive formula. It is an art to think strategically, but it can be done with many spur of the moment tactics. Making too much noise annoys neighbors and may get the police called. Cry endlessly, scream rape, yell for your mother...anyone might be in earshot. Stealing your abductors wallet when you escape if you can, use his money and credit card to get on a bus, a train, a taxi, and call the police; heck steal his mobile phone too.'Take advantage of situations that allow you access to a phone, a computer, or breaking a window. Realize that making a distraction can facilitate actions that otherwise could not be attempted. If there is another person involved that is sympathetic to your situaion, use that sympathy against them. Try to get them to help you escape, promise them a reward, bribe them, flirt with them...take strategic advantage of the situation. If nothing else, it throws the bad people that are holding you against your will off their game. Do anything to
cause your abductors to make a mistake, not think
straight, and hopefully give you a window of opportunity.

I will not make any post commentary on these ideas, I prefer to let the reader ponder them on their own. So to finish of this hub, a little mood music. Enjoy it and teach your kids well.




  1. Blake I think this article is actually brilliant. Like boxers preparing for the ring. We over smother them to an extent of ridiculous in my opinion. If I was a mother no tought love bullshit but survival lessons hard core, but that's just me.

    I think of you everday in my thoughts and pants

    get to me soon

    i need you



  2. Thanx KG. It is on hubpages too if you want to read it there. Love is the Law. Blake4d