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CEDU / Rocky Mountain Academy Part 1

My friend LL and her friends including Chris Sims below were part of a part of what was called CEDU / Rocky Mountain Academy. A Wilderness Camp that was for Behavioral Modification, and for lack of any other words an American Cult for children. As I know some folks now that were part of this organization and they are just beginning to come forward the next few blogposts are dedicated to the children that survived CEDU.


Chris SimsTo A Cult in California

by Chris Sims on Friday, November 12, 2010 at 11:06am
Up in the mountains
Above San Bernardino
Used to place
Named CEDU
"You are what you do not what you say you do"
If you were a teenager
And your parents were rich
This is where they sent you
To teach you new tricks

To a cult in California
Where they yelled at you all night long
Teenage concentration camp
American style/Chairman Mao
Reeducation brainwash trip
Make you stay up all night long
Reading Kahil Gibran
And when the sun came up
They'd have you yelling at empty chairs of Daddy and Mom

They 'd take you out in the cold
Make you dig a hole in the snow
Leave you in it for a three day solo
Soul searching with a sack of trail mix and a toilet paper roll

All music was unacceptable
If you even mentioned it
You'd end up moving rocks/stacking piles of sticks
But everywhere you went you heard the soft rock sounds
Of John Denver
The burned out tunes of Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond, and Loggins and Messina
Spilling softly from hidden speakers
As people walked around with their arms around each other pointing at the trees

Ghandi was their Jesus
John Lennon was their God
They made you listen to Imagine and fucked with your head
Until your mind was gone
They molded your soul into a new form
For two solid years of fun
Then sold your new identity
To their customers
You called Dad and Mom


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