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Britain's Roswell - December 1980: Rendlesham Forest Incident Pt 1 of 3

Something happened in Suffolk, England, late in the month of December, 1980... Something that made big, grown men shake in their boots - not just any men, but military personnel. What happened is now known by the name "The Rendlesham Incident," and is likened to the United States of America's "Roswell UFO Incident."

Closer to the time of event(s), The U.K.'s Ministry of Defense denied that the event(s) were significant and said that what happened did not pose a threat to national security and, therefore, deserved no official investigation...

At a later date, however, it became known that a MoD (Ministry of Defense) file, indeed, was kept on the event and once this was known, a suspected "cover-up" was on the lips of many - and still seems like something that requires more investigation, don't you think?

The "Incident" is actually over a 3-day spread, rather, over evenings of December 25-26, 26-27, and 27-28.

Around 3am December 26, 1980, security personnel in the vicinity of the East Gate of RAF (Royal Air Force) Woodbridge were alerted to and reported seeing strange lights in the area - including strange lights moving in the trees AND from an object they couldn't identify with any accuracy. Once local police arrived on the scene about an hour later, not long after 4am, they couldn't see what the security personnel say they saw and the police assumed any of the lights seen around 4am were from the Orford Ness lighthouse in the distance, along the coast. Some people in the general area reported that during the night of December 25 and early morning hours of December 26, farmyard and domestic animals acted with strange behaviors, showing fear and panic.

When 3 service men were sent out to look around, they encounted a brightly lit, triangular object which hovered above the ground in the woods. Suspended in a yellow-ish mist, this object also appeared to be metallic and cone-shaped, with blue and red circle of light overhead which pulsated. One of the servicemen touched the object's surface and found it "warm," and managed to take notes to this effect. He also copied to his notepad, what he could draw of the symbols seen on the object. It was an encounter of short duration and the object simply flew away. An eyewitness claims to have seen triangular landing gear on the object which left three impressions in the ground which were still visible in the daylight hours that followed.

The airmen/servicemen were debriefed, and made to sign documents promising their silence on this matter. One of the men was told to sign a document/statement saying the unknown object was simply the lighthouse, and he allegedly did sign the document... (I'm still looking for proofs, will add citations once I find out if they exist... just "telling the story" so far - don't panic - so far, it's "lore," right?)

Although some say that the airmen were threatened and such, some of what is said MIGHT be rumour as Lieutenant Colonel Halt, who was present during this first "sighting," told CNN News Channel, in 2008, that he had never been debriefed following the incident.

During the early morning daylight hours of December 26, 1980, the servicemen looked at the area and found burn marks, along with the three impressions in a triangle shape, and some broken branches on trees in the immediate vicinity of the sighting. Plaster casts were made of the impressions and these have been shown in many documentaries about the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Local police were called to the area and around 10:30am, they examined the impressions on the ground and stated that they could have been made by an animal.

(Now, just because you see the videos, don't let your critical thinking skills fall by the wayside, okay? Remember that anytime we have "eyewitnesses," especially when recalling an event from the past, PERCEPTION and likely, BELIEF SYSTEM can play a part in the story/eyewitness account that results)

Watch with critical eyes and consider with critical thinking, please...


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