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Part 1 and 2 Radio Show Topic: Black Eyed Kids

The subject of Black Eyed Kids is complicated by the existence of a certain kind of costume-effect contact lenses that are available, most notably Black Sclera Lenses and some called "Plague." These lenses actually cover the whole sclera - the white part of the eye, whereas most contact lenses only cover a part of the eye dedicated to vision.

BEKs or, Black Eyed Kids have been described as having entirely black eyes with no white parts visible...

Here's are two you tube videos which are parts 1 and 2 of an audio interview where author/researcher, Jason Offut, was interviewed on the topic of Black Eyed Kids. Get yourself settled for at least a half hour or so because each part is 10 minutes in length. You might want a little break in between, but do listen carefully so that you can form your own opinion on BEKs.

Here's Part 1 (with a creepy Village of the Damned photo):

Speaking of Village of the Damned - did anyone answer my question from a few posts back yet? About scary children vs scary clowns?
The post: Which is scarier - Clowns or Kids?

Now, did you notice in the first part of the audio interview that Offut mentions the outrageous COST of Sclera Lenses? Wow, up to $300 PER LENS - that's up to $600 for a pair. I've just recently done some online searches and found Sclera Lenses at an even higher cost per pair and as much as $1100-$1200 for two matching lenses. The reason given for the more expensive ones - they're supposed to be a higher quality material, less prone to irritating the eye...

??? (long pause for thought) What? People need less eye irritation because why? They wear these lenses all the time or what?

Anyhow, enough ranting about these lenses. On to the next video.

I've only listened to this second part one time, all the way through - but want to get it posted in the same posting section here so people don't have to hunt around to be able to hear the interview pieces together. I admit, I MUST go back and listen again to this second part because the idea of "Dracos" mentioned by Offutt is a bit spooky.

Brief explanation: Offutt interviewed someone who stated he (the subject, not Offutt lol) was actually a BEK and that there are small numbers of BEK that walk among us...

WTF?? So, I'll get this vid/interview posted and then listen to the track more carefully, myself, to see if I can figure out how to track down more details on where and when Jason Offutt spoke to this guy (who said his real name is "Draco").

Here's part two if the interview:

Let me know what you think of the content in these interviews.

Access post with Parts 3 and 4 Here

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