Monday, March 21, 2011


Welcome to Springtime for the major of the Northern and Western Hemispheres on Earth...Today a music video from years past that expresses a quiet but clear message about how we rape and abuse the ecology on this planet mostly for our own personal exploits and human needs.

This goes way beyond deforestation. This video mourns the almost ritualistic removal of the habitats of this country's indigenous peoples. And their plight is for the most part ignored, because those who are in a position to help, or at least quell the problem don't care enough about them to do so. I'm not trying to leap up onto the soapbox here, but it's always a good idea to think about the bigger picture. Just be aware people, and know you can make a difference if you truly want to.

It is a video by superstar DJs Coldcut & Hexstatic  Timber 1989


Now for you youngsters and wanna be gangsters out there what I am about to say will be old news. So plug in to your Iphone2s and represent. But for the slightly more mature readers out there. I want you to consider something about modern music and technology today. The art of remixing and sampling is the major innovation to music beside electrification of instruments in the last century. Most of you probably just watched the Timber video and saw this art expressed in a very purist formula. But most of this technology was not perfected in the Western world. Modern music technology and the theoretical applications that have lead to Hip Hop, Electronica, and even modern music scoring were invented , refined, and developed by the technical masters in Japan. Probably more than any other country in the last twenty five years. We just buy a lot of their equipment. Timber is an example of just one label called Ninja Tune. In memory of the Tsumanmi and Earthquake that has devistated the great island of Japan. I dedicate a moment of silence as we listen to a remix of this same piece, using technology that we owe to the children of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. May our children and our childrens children forgive us for how we have allowed the world to suffer so often. And may China hear her brothers and offer a hand in peace.
Let this be an age when we bring an end to Nuclear Arms forever.

Timber Freq (Dead Prez vs. Coldcut - Shiai Mix)

Dead Prez - "Radio Freq"
Coldcut - "Timber"
All Japan Kendo Championship (feat. Miyazaki - still looking for the exact details).

Audio & video mash-up by DJ not-I.

This mix is also a humble tribute to Coldcut's pioneering mix of Eric B. & Rakim's "Paid In Full" from 1987.

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