Sunday, February 6, 2011


A Gift for a Muse On the Other Side of the Earth

Dark is my mind, light is my eyes,
and grey as twilight is the world as it truthfully lies
And sleeping wide with pride as she sighs, and our two world collide

For You and I willingly made mud pies as Queen and King,
Giving Heading Living Lessons both on our knees wishful and always thinking

We are both the Power and the Source, the saint and the sorcerer, Suckling happiness from the deepest depression, hands gloved leaving nothing lasting nothing but impressions, but pounding her deep
Until at last her heart fills with the sad frolic of counting sheep

To write our poems and sing songs for people we shall never meet, and singing words to people who we shall know only in our dreams, but never do remember when we wake from the walking sleep upon a morning glorious sweeter once it is weened

Me and Maybe You awake inside each other
And like the finding of a long lost friend, all sadness is released, golden fleeced handed lightning within a gladness that submits descends and is upon us like so many a fairytale completes

For my Friend in Australia Blondepoet or Debbie Murray

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