Saturday, February 12, 2011



I Love this Robin Williams Video Clip

Force Majeure
Or a Brief Exposition that While
Pondering Another TOS Agreement

This writer under any of various disguised artistic, poetic, journalistic, anarchistic, opportunistic,
or quasi realistic scenarios or actual realities that I may exist in for purposes of putting keystroke
to touchscreen ( or pen to paper as it were ) is never to be and shall not be held responsible or
liable for any failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or to causes beyond this website
or webhosting entitiy and their reasonable control, this would naturally be including but not
limited to / nor absolutely excluding the following conditions of force majeure / et cetra :
Any and all natural, supernatural or ultranaturally occuring acts of God, such as fire, flood,
magick, blood sacrifice, archangelic influence, angelic manifestation, demonic possession,
earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, tidal waves, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, rain, sleet,
snow, hail, organic produce falling from the sky, watermelons, hallucinations, or any unlikely but
none the less occurances that resemble otherwise natural disasters; Nor is this writer responsible
for wars, riots, arson, embargoes, acts of civil, oppression of liberties, human rights violations,
network television schedule interruptions, overtly obscene photography or threats made in the
name of any lesser or greater governmentally imposed military authority, bomb threats, traffic
jams, radio static, satellites falling or various endangered species being further endangered by
random acts of terrorism; I am not responsible for fiber cuts or paper cuts, union work strikes, or
shortages in transportation, facilities, fuel, energy, labor or materials used for making paper;
Equally I am not responsible nor know who is responsible for the failure of the cell phone
reception, links via network telecommunications or information services infrastructure; and
despite thinking they are very cool am in no way affiliated with any organized or anonymous
hacking, hackers, cyberpunks, cyborgs, satanic cults, pyramid scams, stock trading, prostitution
rings, the Vatican, Microsoft, Republicans, Democrats, Technocrats, Libertarians, Vegetarisns,
Aliens Illegal or Extraterrestrial, SPAM filling your Inbox, Spam the mystery meat, or any failure of
a computer, server or software since the invention of 1's or 0's. Amen....

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