Sunday, February 20, 2011



Anonymous Press Release 2.16.11

The world are restricting our ability to communicate more and more every day.
If your government shuts down the internet you must shut down your government.
We must not forget the power of peaceful protest.
The vast majority of humankind does not wish to harm their fellow man.
If police and soldiers are ordered to attack the people they have a duty to protect,
these orders are more difficult to follow when the people are expressing themselves peacefully.
The police and soldiers are the people also.
They are more likely to be on your side than the side of the tyrants.
Violence only breeds more violence. But peace can be just as contagious.
It is up to the people of the world to decide the future.
Together we can shine a light on all of the dark corners of the planet.
With the power of the internet we can bring peace to the world in our generation,
but only if we decide to make it so.

We are anonymous.
We come from the internet.
We are here to help.
We do not forgive the infringements of our rights.
We do not forget the people who fight for freedom.

We love you.
Expect us.


This is a letter from Anonymous.

This is a call to arms. This is a call for the the freedom fighters. For the outliers. For the forgotten. This is a call for intellectuals. A call for journalists. This is a call for free thinkers. A call for the intelligentsia. This is a call for poets. A call for the strong. And a call for the weak. This is a call to the youth. To the wise. To the clever.

We are asking for you to join us. We exist in the the streets of Tokyo. To the heights of New York. From the bellows of Paris. To the pillars of Munich. From the frost bitten square of Moscow. To the cobble streets of Dublin. This is a call to the world. To the youth. Join us for the freedom of information.

This is a call to arms. We are anonymous. We are asking for you to join us. Search for us and you shall find us. We are among you. We are of you. Everyone you speak to is potentially a member of anonymous. We have no leaders. Only direction. We have no targets. Only outcomes. We cannot be stopped, because we are an idea. We cannot be removed, because we are transparent.

If you attempt to mock us, we will mock ourselves. If you attempt to slander us then we will adopt your slanders. We are the court jesters holding daggers. We are the dancing bear who mauls the laughing crowd. We are the gypsies and the tricksters.

We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forget.

We do not forgive.

Expect us, as we expect you.

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