Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Abuse and the Cycle of Abusers

Abuse and the cycle of the abusers, is something that touches all of us. All of us are abused or are victims of the effects of abuse, or are the abuser. Because everything in the human condition is basically wildly out of control inner child issues. The cycle of abuse and how it affects the abusers, is still being debated in this modern era. Some want the causers of abuse to have steeper punishment, even death. Some want there to be a cure for both the abuser and their victims. Abuse and cycle of abusers are not separate issues.
The bigger picture of abuse or the cycle of abusers, basically is this. One person molests a child, that molestor was victim of of a head injury from their physically abusive father, that father became phyically abusive because his mother would drink to much and have sex with her own son as a teen ager, that drunken mother was raped by her uncle and her foster mother did nothing about it, that uncle was really gay but never came out of the closet because his father was whore chaser, the gay mans mother committed suicide, to keep from murdering her husband, the husbands whores become addicts, and then 2 out of every three of these people has at least one child in their life time....and round and round and round.
Reality is, the reason there is incest murder and abuse is because of the first cave man or woman who molested or murdered the fist child, and they did it to another and on and on...A person abusing a child as we speak is repeating the karmic debt of a 25 generational cycle of subconscious victimization that began with some great grand papa in the neanderthal age. That would also explain why some of us feel the need to do sexual things with animals and a whole lotta stuff.
Everyone who victimizes is trying to undo their own cycle. And yes I do think all of them are victims, I just don't think we can cure anyone. We have to learn how to nurture some really bad people to health as a human tribe. And that is going to take a lot of work.
We have to nurture some really bad, and difficult people. After all, no matter what they did, they are a part the human family and they deserve to be treated with respect. And in the end, we are helping ourselves too. I am just surprised that the human race fuctions as well as it does! Especially after you find out all the people who were abused. Its amazing, it tells a lot of what the human spirit really is.
Actually I just mean that the cure for all of us won't be found in the people we found compassion with. We have to figure out what cure the worst person that will ever live. And that person will be able to be a catalyst for a new turn around, otherwise it will just be humans using antibiotics to cure the sniffles.
The human race needs to build some kind of genetic immunity to our nature...which is, that we don't just enjoy doing evil things to each other, but most of the human race enjoys being a victim of it. Or a spectator, or they profit from it, or they are are infected with the need. THere is no real evil Magnoliazz...only innocent adult children, who think they are doing good. The child molestor believes he is teaching his victim how to be strong and accept their face, the murderer believes he is saving the souls of his victims from some muchworse fate. And maybe that child is playing a game too, you don't know many people are suciical by afraid to do it themselves.
Point is, humans that like to kill, to murder, or even eat other humans, only exist because the rest of the heard doesn't really meet nature's standard for survival any more. Darwin knew it, survivial of the fittest, predatory humans exist to thin the herd - we may not like it. But there is no other explanation for it.
Son of Sam said his dog told him to kill, Charles Manson said the Beatles White album, Jeffrey Dahmer heard voices of the dead...Maybe all of them were told to kill by their Higher Power. Not their lower self. I know it is an unpopular view point, but I believe it is the most logical conclusion.
I will never understand how people can be so evil towards children. I have no kids of my own, and sometimes I am happy about that. Even if you protect them as much as you can, you never know what might happen. One abusive episode can mark a person for life. As for the abusers, they were usually abused themselves. That was another eye opener for me. Although many people disagree with that statement saying someone who was abused would know never to do that to another person...but that is far from the truth. Visit a prision sometime and get to know people who have done violence, you will see what I am saying is true.
Perhaps the hardest thing is that somethings just have to run their course. People will choose their paths even if at first they had them thrust upon them. I'm not afriad of reality. Only that others get something positive out of it makes it a good thing. It will take humans more time to unlearn the cycles of abuse and the abusers that facilitate it.

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