Friday, February 25, 2011


For the next few days I will be posting excerpts from an online journal called " The Diary of the Scarlet Woman ".  I have had personal contact with the author herself and found her opinions to be very worthy of serious speculation. Not everything in her writings do I believe, not do I find it to be altogether unbelieveable. The Diary she has written is in the tradition of the great alchemical works and the grimoires of the ancients.

I make no verifications nor apologies for any of the information presented.
The information is to be taken at face value and absorbed for your own dissemination.

The Scarlet Woman is starkly opinionated and broad in the scope of information she attempts to tackle. When discussing her work online I tried to get a feel for her true background, but alas she is as witty as she is I will give you my own assumptions, but they are at best only that. She seems to draw from a few primary sources of inspiration ; Crowley or O.T.O. teachings ( I have my opinions that she is likely a ranking member in the UK based tentacle of this organization ) , modern UFOology of many sources, modern Kabbalism, alchemical teachings in the tradition of Aggrippa, some Masonic order teachings, and then an odd mix of modern arts / music ( I know for a fact that she has close ties with much of the modern music industry and has a personal friendship with Marilyn Manson, this is a fact not speculation ).

This diary is available online and there are no copyright restrictions placed on the materials as she is working on a more revised and advanced version of these works in other forms, this appears to be an experiment of some kind on her part. I encourage you to read the dairy in its entirety, as the wide range of subjects will begin to dove tail in meaningful ways with each other as you do so.  The time you spend will be worth it.
Thank you to the Scarlet Woman for sharing these writings with me and the internet community.
"...they shall gather my children into their fold,  they shall bring the glory of the stars..."
 In her own words off her blog, " Knowledge is Fun ", and I could not agree more.
So now I , Blake4d  -  to the friends and enemies of the 800 Days countdown


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