Saturday, January 1, 2011


Another year has come and gone as so many before.

As we are beginning a new year, a new cycle, I encourage you to clear your mind a bit first with a short piece of music. Thinking of nothing but your own thoughts and calming them a bit, knowing that you are an individual and unique and essentail as any other human being that ever has, or ever will live on Earth.
Calming yourself with this knowledge for a moment before reading and listening further.

Today and tomorrow, the 800 Days will be dedicated to the teachings of the Native Americans and the individual Elders that have been wonderfully documented in this series of videos. There is a lot here and in tomorrows blog postings. Take your time, for it is some of the most honest information I could hope to present you with. And all of it worth your attention and patience. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

" forget that it is the outer world that causes the spirit to use its powers of perception."
- From The Serapion Brethren by Major Alex Ewing

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