Saturday, December 18, 2010


Possibly my absolute musical favorite of all time
The Chemical Brothers with Robin Ashcroft - The Test

There is always the expression of the unkown or ultranatural instincts that comes in a form but is not logcial. It has been important through the years for me to express this part of my learning and so evolved my first muse, the savage forces of art. Anyone reading the 800 Days regularly will by now know that I am a self proclaimed poet. These are two pieces that are appropriate for the Winter Solstice and the season in general. The first is ritualistic and full of fire and occult magickal inspiritation. The second is heartfelt and inspired by pure human emoton and love for life. I hope you enjoy them. Both express in different ways the best of my writing, and may likely be among the best thing I ever have or ever will write. May the muses dance tonight.


Elle Erotica Gallante

Into the ibis, my Yemaya, Uriah
Deathless and Motherless, I step into the fire
Gabriel leadeth me to heavens on high here
We weave immortality, then bleed in the chior
Sanctum Sanctorium the moonlight Mariah
Unsheathes the tapestry of a new world messiah
Maybe I know the way, maybe I am lying
Maybe I will come again like a lamb from a lion
In a world full of sins with all secrets entwined
I am
The circus is over, her first hundred years
Are as free as the air that I breathe in her tears
Sweet Jesus believe in us, not in our fears
Oh Luna, the ancient lake dragon is speared
Inferno L'Innocence as Winter appears
The cult of the kings at the crossroads of Tyre
Many hath thrown away, many come near
Many sleep on the waves of the last ones to hear
It's a whirlpool so thin, yet imprisons you here
Like I am
Sing song to Venus, the vanishing siren
To Mithra and Nero, to Vladmir and Ivan
Historic erosion of man from the island
Like quicksands in Eden, this great rite of Hymen
La Rose d'Amoure, Osiris in Mayan
Night and Day runaway to find us in Zion
Made in thy image, then made in my own
Made of thy imagery, my maiden of stone
Make me a better man for all I have known
As this manna bird's mysteries lead me to home
As this manna bird's mysteries
Lead me to home
As this manna bird's mysteries
Lead me to home
To home

As Love Evolves

You look at a rainbow
And see a series of colors that are separate but one
Love like the wheeling rainbow
Is an interconnected series of patterns and emotions
The love equation
Man's greatest mystery and the major theme of our existence
May be simpler than it seems
Love as it changes may not always appear in the form we are
Familiar to
Possibly the reason love is held so sacred
Is because true love encompasses all feelings in one
Love being all
Love may be happiness
As joy, as ecstasy, or as a warm feeling of friendship
That makes all things good inside
Love may be as sadness
As sorrow, as regret, as depression or anxiety or solemn indifference
Love may be as passion
As romance, as desire, as lust or sexuality, sensuality or
Spirituality, each have their place
Love may be as faith
As solitude, as justice and judgment or as dedication
To a favored cause or belief
Love may be life or death, love may be silent or raging
Love may be withheld or withdrawn or expressed or unleashed
The choice is left upon the lovers involved
Love may be as hate
As jealousy, as greed, as seduction or lies or deceit or truth
As awareness , as wisdom, as intellect or knowledge or experience
As schooling or street-wise consciousness
Love may be fear
As addiction, as past, present, and future, as old age, as youth
As politics or religion
Love may be as understanding
As the family, as intimacy, as soothing as an old friends voice
On the end of a phone, as heart warming as the handwriting of
A far off relative
A love evolves it may become and is destined to become
All of these things and more
The longer it exists the longer it will continue to change
Because it is love, closeness and separation
Are just bits of time to love
Because all things have meaning
All things are alive and open
All feelings are just one consciousness
Of chaos becoming law
As love evolves

 " To me a book is a message from the gods to mankind;
or, if not, should never be published at all. "
- Aleister Crowley

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