Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Favorite Websites for Content Writing

Each Comes Directly from My Favorites List in My Browser

This is my secret list of favorite websites for content writing, that I visit straight from my personal browser history and favorites menu on my home computer. These are each a favorite for different reasons, and have various purposes and intent. For writing content above anything else, each is a website that I really like, or that I visit regularly for information or research.
I will give you some information on these where it is obvious, but some I will leave for you to explore on your own and figure out their usefulness or fun as it may seem fit. Everyone has served me well, and I am sharing them to save you writers and SEO voodoo technicians out there lots of search engine time and effort. Use them well, and fight for Internet freedom, with the help of a few of my favorite websites, use your technology to the fullest. - the best price comparison one stop search engine for books, music, or movies. - download this bar and you turn your browser into a social network matrix .
Add your URL to Google - the simplest way to do exactly what that says.
Alternatives to Google Adsense - sick of sucking off the teet of Google, here's the competition.
Alternatives to Google Adwords - ditto and more competition as per the above site.
American Musical Supply - where all Usa musical equipment stores buy everything wholesale . - want to download any video or movie on the web with a mouse click, download this. - the second best price comparison search engine for books, music, movies.
Brainy Quote - exactly what the name claims to be, cool site. - free downloads of Photoshop 7.0 and more software you can't afford. - wonder where to send those complaints about charges on your credit cards. - combat plagarism at the source, or find out if you are in violation yourself.
Cthulhu Dot Com - finally a site dedicated to the ancient ones.
Cyberpunk Information Databse - not for the pre-millennium brain or dummies. - enter if you dare my precious . - sound like something you might be interested in, more info inside.
Dictionary of Sexual Terms and Expressions - can't find the right word for what you want.
Famous Celebrity Brithday Listings and Celebrity Real Names - amazingly indepth database.
Free Hosted Scripts - there is a link here that will let you put in your url and it will list it on over 100 major search engines in minutes, and lots of other beautiful and useful tools, seriously.
Gnostic Liberation Front - you know who you are, come and get it.
Google Management - Corporate Information - find out where to send that hate mail directly.
Google top 1000 Page rank SERPs checker - others claim what this one is.
Google Trends - updated every ten minutes what the top Google ranked topics are all day. - can't forget my Chrisitan brothers and sisters, all Bible codes revealed.
Internet Mail Consortium - there goes the neighborhood
Leaked Magic - wonderful database of stage magic tricks and how to do them
Library of - yep it is exactly what it says it is, screw you Ceasar.
Linux - this is where the world ceases to be flat, linux for the world from its original sources. - want to publish your own book of poetry unedited and free of charge...check it out. - find any lyrics that are in print and learn the real words - wonder where these SEO experts are getting their information from.
SEO Link Directories - more SEO voudou exposed for the lament to make use of freely.
SEO Pedia - and a little more SEO.
SEO SERP Website Tools - Oh that's how they figured out SEO. - as if Social Networks were not only Facebook and Myspace. - another great unknown site to buy everything electronica at wholesale. - exactly like it sounds, amazing way to deconstruct anything you write for SEO.
The Daily Beast - for the animal lovers out there, something to sink your teeth into.
The Chaos Matrix - I will let you decide for yourself about this one.
The Gnosis Archive - the Nag Hammadi and more available free online.
The FreeClassifieds Directory - largest list of classified websites anywhere all free.
The Mail Archive - I dare you to read everything this one has to offer and understand it
The Necromonicon - sometimes you gotta resort to dark magick and mythology to get it done.
The Search Engine List - helpful if you want to know where to list yourself or not.
The Yahoo! Style Guide - gives great info on style content and grammar for writing online. - and old black or red hat standby, now a classic beginners should check it out. - hmmmmm take a looksee at this will ya please. - for UFO enthusiasts and more oddities amongst us.
Unreality - you wouldn't believe it if I told you.
Visual Molecular Dynmaics - another one for the super high scientific minded mastermind only.
What is My IP - ever ask yourself this question, well never again. - a nifty website design and template site, for ideas if nothing else.
World Wide Web Consortium - these are the people behind HTML and everything important that has ever been or ever probably will be done with the internet in our lifetimes, no kidding. - see for yourself.

" I don't believe in the ways of magic...but I'm beginning to wonder why."
- Fleetwood Mac


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