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 Today I am going to let others talk about various things, just random thoughts that may brint together some of the recent subject matter. The video is an invterview with Marilyn Manson at the conference, and a hard to find piece of video. Along side is a short piece by a friend of mine Bibi.  Enjoy...

These are my opinions on a few things, they were important enough to me to write down, yet are only my Bibi 16

1. Evolution is a fact. Creationism is also a fact. The truth of how humans came to exist is not fully understood by either side. Either side alone is lacking empirical data and objective evidence. Together they contain missing facts and details that point to a synthesis that makes much more sense when looked at rationally. Believe what you like, but one sided knowledge is always unbalanced. Science and Religion are both correct about some issues. That is a fact.

2. Religion is irrational. Science is irrational. Religion has many merits, but highest ranking of these is that it has been asking the hardest questions about the nature of our existance longer than any other art or field of study by thousands of years. Science has many merits, but the highest ranking among them is the critical analysis of the universe from an empirical point of view. Neither provides incontrovertable facts, but both provide facts based upon the current level of human knowledge. All knowledge will eventually be proven false as we move closer to the truth. Religion and Science have wisdom and logic, but neither is universally true nor absolute.

3. Here's a lesson; just because you don't 'get it doesn't mean it's wrong. I bet you don't get astrophysics or quantum mechanics either...but that doesn't mean they are bad or immoral. There are some things that affect all of us, even if you don't believe in them. So the justification of morality upon every individual, based on hypocritical judgement of all humans as alike is hypocrisy. Unless you have a vagina, abortion is none of your business. What other people do in bed with other consenting adults doesn't concern you, unless you're invited. If you're not gay, shut up about gay marriage. What should it matter to you if you're not gay? Act as an example of what you believe. Others will follow if it is a good one.

4. Existence didn't ask your opinion when it came into being, and it's never going to. Jesus isn't coming, and if he is most of us should be cautious what we are doing his name and justifying it as being a Christian. There aren't any virgins waiting for you in heaven. There is most probably no heaven at all, and if there is then killing yourself and a bunch of other people seconds before you die is not likely to be the best way to get there. Also, all those highschool shootings like Columbine and Jonesboro are not the fault of video games, the blame lies elsewhere. Many things exist, and many awful things are part of human existence. It doesn't make them anything other than human errors of judgement in the moment, the universe is not responsible for humans having tunnel vision about the universe and life.

5. Women are people. They're not another kind of people, or the enemy. Men are people too. The war between the sexes is probably as old as the stone age, but the greatest travesty is the continual rewriting of history and the more and more screwed up version of it we are taught to believe. For example, many historians write of the large number of witches burned and killed during the Inquisitions in Europe. Reality check, large numbers of women, witches, homosexuals, lesbians, prostitutes, divorcees, bastards, loud mouthed artists, politically subversive individuals, practitioners of science, writers of books, promoters of literacy, enemies of the holy church, non-christians, midwives, healers, Africans, Asians, Jews, Arabs, non-Romans, mentally retarded, physically disabled, children, heretics, (oh yeah and also)Templars, Hospitalers, Druids, Wiccans, Saxons, Greeks, Atheists, Agnostics, Gnostics, and last but not least Satanists...were put to death without fair trials, a jury of their peers, or even notifications of their families during the Inquisitions in Europe. Women have been victims alongside many other human beings wrongly.

...these are five thoughts I had recently, and pondered why I believe them. You are absolutely right to agree or disagree with any of these thoughts expressed here. I simply feel they are things worth pondering by us all...

And also a little food for thought...pun intended.

The Apple is a Pagan Symbol

A single piece of fruit. But it is so much more than that for the Great Mother Goddess.

So this is the story of the apple. The apple has long been associated with the worship of the Goddess. It is a very ancient tradition that say the Goddess, in her wisdom she gave us the most simple of hints that let us not forget that she is always with us, within any apple is a clear and profound reminder hidden so subtlely.
Cut it in half, at its seed bed - the most potent part of the fruit - reveals the sacred five pointed star within the circle of apple skin. This is the pentacle - the expression of One Divinity as all facets of the world. The Goddess is still working to wake us up to the knowledge of our own sacred essence. And the process is picking up momentum, thank goodness.

The apple seems to have always been associated with death and eternal life. Because the Goddess is the Divine manifest. She is "dead" or "sleeping" as long as we are ignorant of Her. When we wake up, the Goddess will truly by Alive. Think of this next time you eat an apple.

Note the story of Eve and the Serpent ( which itself is also one of the eternal Goddess symbols, it is likely that the serpent in the story is supposed to be female...but this point is very rarely discussed ). When Eve ate the apple, she was taking in Divine wisdom - the knowledge that she is Divine. Thus she would become immortal.

"...the whole story of Eve, Adam, and the serpent in the tree was deliberately misinterpreted from icons showing the Great Goddess offering life to her worshipper, in the form of an apple, with the tree and its serpent [the sacred guardian] in the background." - Barbara Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.

It worked pretty well. Of course it would be a jealous God - who wants to be the only god - naturally this diety would want to outlaw all such knowledge of one's divinity!. But since it is Truth, and an Eternal truth at that. He could not keep it hidden forever. So when it came to light, he then quickly and harshly decided to keep Adam and Eve so busy with survival and pain that we wouldn not have time to notice our divinity. Another thing to ponder the next time you have an apple.

It also is unlikely to be coincidence that it was an apple which woke Isaac Newton that fateful day, drawn down upon him by gravity, that apple awoke a new insight into reality entire world view, and redefined the shape of human earthly reality as we all knew it. Such simplicity, such complexity, and always have the Pagans of the world passed this truth on freely to the many others of the old religions in this age, and many others gone by. And here ends the story of the apple.

Maybe Pagans and Chrisitans are more akin than anyone might have ever assumed.

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" The mirror sees the man as beautiful, the mirror loves the man, another mirror sees the man as frightful and hates him; and it is always the same being who produces the impressions..."  - From Justine by the Marquis de Sade

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