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Following the 800 Days

Mythbuster and Friends Getting Involved with the 800 Days Countdown

The 800 Days Countdown blog is now over a month old. It has been much more of an undertaking than this author initially anticipated, but well worth the efforts involved. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect is communicating with others who have found it informative and helpful. Yet this article is to spread the word about someone who has taken being supportive to a level never expected. This is the writer whom friends know as Mythbuster and his blog Following Blake4d's 800 Days.
In Following the 800 Days Mythbuster gives insights and details not necessary found on the 800 Days Countdown itself. He does this by doing commentary of each day by day post, approximately a week backward in time but in sync with the originally 800 daily blogposts. Nothing like this was planned or anticipated by Blake4d or the co-contributors to the 800 Days.
Mythbuster announces his intentions in his follow along blog in the headline, saying that it is, "A blog to examine theories about the end of the Mayan Calendar dates for December 2012, about Doomsday Theories, 2012 Theories, looking at ancient texts, arcane knowledge and things related to prophecy, future, science, environmental issues, religion and beliefs."
Mythbuster is known online to friends and comrades in the savage forces that are online writing and has his own noteworthy following of minions. Those fans know him most notably for his work on Hubpages and Squidoo. Where he is a regular contributor whose writings have a reputation for being the best combination of unusual in topic, esoteric in nature, and intelligently humorous as only Mythbuster does so well.
Being a Canadian, his perspective often is outside the box of American perspectives.
He is one part political, one part scholar, and a cornucopia of other parts a diverse as his name implies.
His style is thought provoking and brazen, yet gentle enough to the unexpectant reader that he easily converts the skeptic with his own brand of no nonsense modern mythology in the modern world. He also is no ninny, having the ability to convey and debate a wide range of topics, such as to challenge the average heckler or troll roaming the forums for easy prey.
Be forewarned, if this is your intention, it is suggested that you find someone other than Mythbuster to tackle wits with. You might end up someplace other than where you wanted to be in the first place. Let along Mythbuster has enough followers that they usually show up in his defense, or so it is rumored.
The 800 Days blog owes him a debt of gratitude, and it is only a month into the countdown.
Show your support of both the countdown, but more importantly the fans who have spent their time and energy in support of it. Nothing can be considered a higher compliment.
Following Blake4d's 800 Days.
Mythbuster on Hubpages about the 800 Days.
Mythbuster on Squidoo about the 800 Days.
And his Hubpages article about Blake4d.
Also his personal blogs are worth more than a few visits to absorb the myths of the world as he sees it.
Mythbuster 2009's Conspiracies and Weird Stuff
In his own words Mythbuster explains, " I re-tell stories, legends, fairy tales and such but am not the original creator or author of such tales - the general public tells the tales - I just provide commentary and interpretations. "
Urban Legends, Folklore, Myths and Fairy Tales
This is his brief explanation of this blog, " My urban legends blog is my biggest interest, however, I also promote electronic cigarettes online, so I have blogs which deal with the topic of harm reduction, addictions, electronic cigarettes and related information."
Yet there is the reminder in another article from Mythbuster, " Mind you, if you're involved with urban legends and ghost tales...Pretty much anything can happen, right?"
His work extends across the web more and more everyday, and it is recommended that you check out his regular blog work and encourage his efforts. The 800 Days will continue to support all of the fans like Mythbuster who are the kith and kindred, at least for the duration of the countdown.
For in the opinion of this author, well there is none better who has said it before, than to quote Ice-T, for to Blake4d Mythbuster is definitely, " A storm trooper of the highest degree."
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