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Starseeds, Who Are You, and Why Are We Here Together Again

Are you one of the Starseeds?
First let's just talk about the human with highly attuned energy or advanced evolutionary characterisitics...
Channel thier energies on a higher interdimensional frequency while operating on a different part of the spectrum in this realm to be of service to man.
Know they are here FOR others, do NOT want for themselves & aren't self~serving, agenda motivated. They are true to thier purpose of assisting others in reaching thier full potential & catalysts in helping others gain true insights cover coming obstacles that stand in the way of claiming harmony, wholeness, & happiness in thier lives. They want what's best for others, rejoicing in them reaching thier intended destinations & are often forgotten after such, unless they are meant to be integrated as a fixture in the lives they've helped those situations naturally present themselves
Loving & embracing toward all people, => unless harming/doing things @ the expense of others, where they will then intervene as necessary
When photographed, pictures often have orbs & angelic energies with brighter light illuminating from the captured image as well, that is not the result of flash or overexposure
Can be surrounded by an ocean of people & still feel completely alone/isolated due to not "belonging" here & the separation from thier true home
Have warm compassionate knowing eyes that penetrate & have such an abundance of Love which could combust if not dispensed enough
Animals & children are magnetically drawn to them, injured/sick/distressed animals & humans happen across thier paths for help &/or healing on a recurring basis. Often times they'll find themselves in places (whether planned or spontaneous) where tragic events/emergencies occur so they can do what's needed
Are so spiritual that they view thier bodies as the prisons which keep them contained/connected to this dimension to fulfill thier purpose/calling...Physical senses are hypersensitive & most are natural empaths that have a degree of psychic abilities which they draw on to determine where/when they are needed
Suffer a multitude of extensive hardships, painful loss, & devastation which are the required lessons for thier missions in this realm while serving as examples to humans of how to TRULY LIVE while making the most of Life regardless of such...MIND OVER MATTER
Live a nomadic type existence in the sense that they go where they are needed & only stay where they are Genuinely Loved & belong which is the only "HOME" they would know here
Are resourceful in using what they can to reach the people & knowing what needs to be done to achieve/manifest whatever is meant to be as intended
Value Life & all Creatures in the Highest regard & abhor Violence/Destruction of any kind. Are also known to put themselves in harm's way, attempting to divert an escalation
They are the TRUTH tellers/keepers but are often misunderstood by those unwilling to see or hear as a result of thier own fear &/or denial. Humans tend to treat them as a Challenge or a Ghost ~ those that are most threatened by them, treat them the most dispicably but regardless what's done to them by those with bad intentions, harm is never wished upon anything in return. Karma always takes care of itself with those that put such into the universe
Are sacrificed/slain in many ways by man on a routine basis but are Valiant Warriors of Courage that posess resilience that perserveres (even when they endure the magnitude of something catastrophic which they aren't sure they will escape from unscathed) They are not good at taking necessary reprieve, as they feel a great sense of Urgency with much to get done - & thier physical bodies can suffer greatly since they feel sleep is time wasted they could be putting to better use, in addition to the effects of caring too much in a world that cares too little ~ while witnessing the atrocities of what man does to each other
If you can relate to these basic concepts, then you are at least a high vibrationally receptive human being on the earth. But that does not necessarily mean you are...
A Starseed...
Vibrational being operating on a high frequency ~ tune IN & feel me...
Are you of non-terrestrial reincarnational origin?
Since I've conducted extensive research that spanned over a decade ago, I've known that my spiritual origins were not Earth-bound. In my search
I have come to understand that there are a number of soul types here.
Starseeds are people that have their spiritual story on planets other than Earth. By this I mean they have reincarnated on other planets before being born here. There are more Starseeds here now than at any point in our history. This is for two reasons:
1. This is a very important point in the planets development. A number of the more positive space civilizations wished to assist in this progression by having some of their people incarnate here to help elevate the energies here and assist with the transition. Many come here from the 5th dimension to act as path workers to show the rest of us the way.
2. What occurs here now is nothing short of amazing, miraculous and fascinating! Many would simply wish to be here to see and experience first hand this evolution of spirit that is the "Shift in Human Consciousness".
So... are you Starseed? How will you know? You are born to a place which is very dense and which is very high in negative ego. It is consequently nearly impossible to truly remember. Here are some common characteristics of Pleiadian Starseed if you have a majority of these you're probably Pleiadian. There are other civilizations that also offer Starseeds but these will be discussed more in depth in a later posting..."
" Starseeds are :
1. Born after 1968. There were before but that's when the big push started.
2. From "out there". Okay this is the most obvious and easiest one. You probably just always had a sense that you were from the stars... that your home way "out there", not here. I know it's obvious, but why should these things always be obscure?
3. Outsider. You will have a feeling of un-belonging for much of your life. You will have noticed that siblings and children in other families have a "belonging" with their family that you don't have. Somehow "fitting in" is something that never happens to you unless you find other Starseeds. Then you will suddenly feel "got" or understood and it feels EUPHORIC!
4. Metaphysically oriented or anti-religious. You just can't buy into Earth religions. You may have tried very hard, even repeatedly to "fit in" with one or more of these belief systems but always they leave you feeling dissatisfied. You may consequently reject "belief" out of hand or you may choose to find some alternative beliefs that suit you better - you will quite possibly start formulating your own system of belief. You are also most likely to have some form of psychic ability - ESP, clairvoyance... something.
5. Not particularly date and time conscious. You're probably terrible with remembering things like birthdays, you struggle to keep to a schedule and are often way early or very late for appointments. This date and clock thing just doesn't want to work out for you.
6. Technophile. You love gadgets and equipment and have a natural aptitude with figuring out how they work. You're quite likely to love them so much that you read the instruction manual "just for fun".
7. Harmonious. You will experience Earth as being quite a violent, aggressive angry place. You may or may not be able to find aggression within yourself but either way you would choose for the world around you to become more harmonious and peaceful. You do not desire to control others and you reject others control of you. You can't bear cruelty to animals, children, women abuse or anything like that. If there were a war you would probably not fight but choose to be a pacifist or be an example of resolutions by peaceful means instead.
8. Gender equality and ambiguity. You probably don't get the whole gender role thing. You regard your partner as an equal and expect the same thing back. The whole "battle of the sexes" thing is just absurd to you. You may also be something other than heterosexual. If you are, you're probably not too concerned with finding a label for what you are. You could also be quite androgynous in your look.
9. Animals and nature. You have a great love and respect of nature in all its manifestations: Gaia, forests, mountains, the sea, animals etc. You especially feel a deep mystical connection with dolphins and whales as you understand that they are somehow your "siblings" rather than "dumb animals".
10. Not money-system oriented. The system of money=power and corporate structures and this kind of thing is not your way. That is not to say that you cannot make your way in it or even become very successful in this system, but you will always be uncomfortable in it if you do. You dislike routine and structured environments. You are a non-conformist and just don't fit into a rigid work environment. You don't respect authority - someone must show themselves worthy of your respect. Combine this with the fact that you quickly get bored and you make a very poor wage slave indeed! You will often harbor dreams of just "dropping out" - going to farm or joining a hippie community or some such. Or you'll actually do this. You anyway don't like the concept of money much and would rather be valued for who you are than what you can buy. This issue is compounded by the fact that you hated school (or any education) this is because Earth education systems use conformist mechanisms and teach by instruction rather than shared or experiential learning.
11. Escapism. You like to escape from "normal people" to decompress & may go into flights of creative fantasy and will build whole "ideal worlds" in your head. You might find yourself drawn to the hallucinogenic experience to enhance this. A negative aspect of this is when the escapist tendency overwhelms: this world is hard, cruel & difficult so you might be prone to using drugs, alcohol or other means to escape the pain that you feel. In so doing so, resulting in the numbing/dumbing effect you fail to engage or improve the world (as you originally intended) this only compounds the problem and makes you more self destructive. You are prone to depression if you don't take control of your life and your experiences. You may also be prone to a variety of psychoses and neuroses due to the spiritual fracturing that you feel here not conforming with the unity consciousness you were expecting.
12. Creativity. You are very creative and love other people's creative outputs. Music, art, architecture, beautiful cooking... whatever. This touches you deeply.
13. Easy belief. You quite easily believe in or know the existence of UFO's and extra-terrestrial beings. These things are not strange to you. The concept of "all is one" is also quite comfortable for you.
14. Physical attributes. This is a bit more iffy. Earth humans are anyway an amalgam of all kinds of genetic tinkering by a variety of space races but you MAY have brought some of your physical attributes with you, but this is less important than the spiritual attributes. Your genetics will determine a "band of possibility" and your spirit body MAY pull your physical body in a direction that is quite different from what your genotype might have expressed with another host in it. So: do you look markedly different from the rest of your family? If you are of Pleiadian origin you may have some of the following unexpected characteristics: almond-shaped compelling eyes which might also be larger than expected, blonde hair, pale skin, blue or blue-grey eyes, "roman nose" (no dip on the bridge - straight in profile) tall and with a slender build.
15. Photo-sensitivity. Your eyes are probably light sensitive. The Earth is a particularly harsh-light environment. You would probably want low-light compared to many others.
16. Lower body temperature & blood pressure that can be mistaken for circulatory issues. Heightened nervous system is also not uncommon.
If you can answer "yes" to even half of these, there is a good chance you are Starseed. I have purposely omitted certain clues and traits that seem to be inherent in reptilian spawn, so that you might identify whether you may be Starseed of the higher order. Which we shall now discuss..."
" More traits of a TRUE Starseed in harmony with the Creator are such:
1) An aversion to bright unnatural lighting, yet solace found in natural sunlight.
2) An aversion to reptiles, amphibians, and snakes. [Reptilian seeds often are obsessively attracted to these however.]
3) Sensitivity to extreme hot or cold.
4) An extreme sensitivity to pain.
5) A feeling of being very different from most others.
6) A memory or memories of a profound experience around the ages 5 to 9, usually having something to do with "aliens," UFO's, or stars. This could also include spiritual visions of earth creatures or people.
7) Having a deep desire to form a union with ONE complimentary person/counterpart FOR LIFE, often times having this urge from early childhood.
8) Having an "imaginary" childhood friend that seemed to speak of its own accord, as if they were a separate entity. This sometimes continues into adulthood.
9) Attraction to the colors green, blue, and purple, especially the lighter/softer pale hues together such as sky-blue and lavender.
10) Acute hearing/above average hearing range.
11) Extreme sensitivity to excessive or clamorous noise.
12) A driving need to get away from "normal" people to either be alone, or seek out someone who shares your interests in spiritual matters.
13) An inner desire and knowing to "do what is right" even though these things were not taught, but often feeling trapped as a child and expressing ones self in ways that are troubling to others.
14) Hyperactivity as a child & or labeled ADD, ADHD or indifferent in scholastic settings. Many times it's simply because a starseed already knows the info, isn't challenged & could teach better in a more efficient manner while resisting someone else's attempts to enforce the programmed structure as the accepted traditional conformist basis.
15) Extreme sensitivity to alcohol, medicines, drugs etc.
16) Creating within ones own mind "fantasy" worlds that often include alien life, journeys to other planets, and places beyond the stereotypical "fantasies" of earth.
17) Dreams involving flying in body form, astral projection or in rarer instances remote viewing abilities.
18) Prophetic dreams, visions, or mental suggestions & premonitions that later come to pass or are avoided by certain actions taken &/or energy transference to prevent the potential hazard.
19) Being empathic, compassionate & feeling for others.
20) Have a desire &/or ability to heal even if they absorb/take on the ailment themselves to heal another.
21) A deep desire to "save the world"/create solutions by taking numerous actions &/or problem solving.
22) A solid belief that there is an all-powerful, all-knowing deity, even though you may not have been taught about "God."
23) Having a nagging feeling that most religions, both orthodox and unorthodox, are missing some key elements in their teachings therefore very against man - organized religion but very spiritual.
24) An almost obsessive desire to search out the missing elements of spiritual teachings not found in religion.
25) Missing time, extra slow time, or speeding time.
26) Having experienced being in one place, then in the blink of an eye being somewhere else. [teleportation/bilocation]
27) Knowing you have been in a certain place, but others who you saw in the same place claim you were not there. [invisibility/cloaking/phasing]
28) Animal lovers with a connection to them that is above & beyond average.
29) Telepathic communication with animals.
30) Attraction to birds of prey such as Hawks and Eagles.
31) A special attraction to cats & dogs - all seem to be your friend (even ones more wary & they can easily become almost overly - protective).
32) Attraction to "power animals" such as Bear, Wolf, or Buffalo
33) Aversion to city living - strong desire to live in a rural and natural environment.
34) Knowing something is gravely wrong with society without having this knowledge preached to you by doomsday prophets, or conspiracy theorists - you see it yourself and evaluate it within your own mind.
35) A very deep inner pull that seems to constantly make you aware that you are more than you are, and you need to be finding out what and why.
36) Extreme aversion to violence, fighting, and war.
37) An obsession with the stars and/or outer space.
38) Having an awareness of romantic attraction and love prior to the age of 10.
39) Having blonde or red hair in your gene pool [even if your own hair is different]
40) Being attracted to either very pale complexions, or olive/reddish complexions.
41) Having an extremely high IQ & brainwave activity processes lightning fast.
42) Aversion to either extreme male dominant religion or extreme female dominant religion - knowing there is a balance.
43) Attraction to powerful things in nature, such as thunderstorms, lightning, waterfalls, and surf.
44) Attraction to ancient symbols.
45) Being an avid reader who "drinks in" knowledge quicker than the "average" person.
46) Having an interest or attraction to such fields of science as archeology, astronomy, or quantum physics.
47) Aversion to mundane employment, repetitive tasks, "dead-end" jobs. Not satisfied with working for others, but more than willing to work doing something [which you have yet to discover, but know is out there]
48) Aversion to sexual joking, racial joking, or foul language.
49) Expectation of great changes upon Earth in the near future.
50) A nagging suspicion that you are more than your parents offspring, that you have some unfulfilled mission, and that the implications of these matters have powerful and eternal consequences for both yourself and the Earth.
If you can answer "yes" to even half of these, there is a good chance you are Starseed. I have purposely omitted certain clues and traits that seem to be inherent in reptilian spawn, so that you might identify whether you may be Starseed of the higher order. If you have answered 35 or more of these in the affirmative, you most likely are Starseed, especially if you answer "yes" to some of the deeper traits . Warmest Brightest of Everything dear kindreds..."

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