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Extraterrestrials are against all the current
Federal Government laws concerning Illegal Immigration within the borders of the United States.

Did you ever notice that, in Arizona that the same people that are in favor or Illegal Immigration laws, are also the people who do not believe in the possibility of life from other planets.

But God and Reptile Jesus will save us all.. Amen. Also known as My Life as a Lizard Boy.


If  You are an Annunaki Descendant,and are incarnate in a human form -
then it is likely that some of All or some of the following are True about You.

Annunaki believe that you can truly create something from nothing.

The Annunaki were the charged with creating and controlling the physical world, literally. They were given the tools to create existence from nothingness and manipulate it, first by creating matter itself from material they gathered from the Abyss. From there, they created space so substance could exist, and then matter itself, beginning with atoms and building from there...

Annunaki hate all strict time schedules, especially being held them.

While creating Paradise, the Annunaki kept begging for more time so that they could make it perfect in every way, shape, and form, before setting God's greatest creation, humanity, in it. After eons of delay, during which they shaped the Earth and all of its forces, fields, and landforms, but they had not finished before Lucifer finally put his foot down. Many Annunaki never felt Creation was perfected, and several nursed a grudge toward Lucifer for his disruption of their work.

Annunaki don't like being refereed to or compared to the other angels.

Originally, the Annunaki had only two forms. The Kishar created the Earth and everything upon it, save for life. he Antu made movement and travel upon the Kishar's creation possible. Their work often took them away from the other Elohim, leaving them somewhat separate from their angelic brethren.

Annunaki are overly self conscious especially about their bodies.

When it came time to make humanity, the Annunaki were responsible for the creation of the body itself, mapping out blood vessels and nerves, and placing the organs. When they were finished, even they found no fault with what resulted. They fell in love with their own perfect product, only to have that love shattered when the Creator told them they could never reveal themselves to their most accomplished creation.

Annunaki are opinionated, but do not debate what they think is true.

The resentment that many Annunaki always felt towards the Creator and the other Elohim began to bubble over. When they heard of Ahrimal's vision, they were concerned, but still refused to join the Great Debate, keeping their grief and arguments to themselves. In the end, over half of the Annunaki left Heaven to side with humanity.

Annunaki are very earthy, having a love of precious gems and metals.

The Annunaki were the fifth house of angels to present themselves at the Fall, presenting precious metals and jewels before Adam and Eve. The curse that came soon after would be for humans use the tools that the Annunaki had created as a means of destruction, rather than creation, as they sought to control and master Creation; with this, the rebellious Annunaki became known as the Malefactors.

Annunaki are naturally creative, and love creating useful new tools.

After the fall, the Malefactors were determined to help humans survive. They offered to create tools and shelter for Adam and Eve, but they were determined to create things themselves. While constructing a house of stones, Adam had difficulty in moving one large rock, and so one of the Malefactors created the lever to help him. In teaching mankind how to create and use tools, new orders within the Annunaki evolved.

Annunaki in war are likely to be conscientious objectors.
When the armies of Michael began to fall upon the fallen, Lucifer organized the Legions so the fallen and their allies could defend themselves. Many Annunaki joined with the Iron Legion, building what the fallen and humanity would need to survive. The other half began working on new inventions that would give humanity an even bigger advantage, including demonic relics that could be used to protect humans.

Annunaki take things very personally and take rejection very hard.

However, the complex tools they gave humans, while marvels, could not actually be used by mortals as they did not have the Faith that the Malefactors had. Many Annunaki tried to demonstrate and work the tools for them, but many humans became resentful and frightened of the Malefactors' gifts and began to turn from them to do things on their own. The Annunaki were greatly hurt by this second rejection, and many began to despair that they could never be with humans on their terms.

Annunaki are morally neutral, believing in spirituality and science.

When the first murder occurred, the many of Annunaki were among the first to turn from Lucifer's peaceful ways. They wanted to remake Creation on their terms, and began to use their abilities, relics, and tools to harm fallen and human alike. They experimented on the bodies and souls humans, trying to further perfect what was once their perfect creation; these Annunaki were the first to use souls to power relics. The more peaceful Malefactors continued to teach and protect humans, as well as help Lucifer in his campaign to round up the errant Legions.

Annunaki believe in perfection, and actively seek it in everything.

Regrouped, the Annunaki began to create tools that could be used by mortals, as well as teach them how to shape and create tools of their own. Humans began to show their true potential, but then one of the Annunaki leaders, became convinced that if mortals and fallen mated, their children would be the perfect creatures they had sought to create in the first place. The artifact that she eventually created allowed the fallen to take on fleshy forms and parent children, but perfection was not the result.

Annunaki are deeply aware of the world and its darkest problems.

Instead, the product of these unholy couplings were the what the Bible refers to as the Nephilim. It was the nephilim who caused the downfall of humanity, and the Annunaki realized they had made their most bitter mistake in a misguided attempt to once again attain humanity's love. In the end, there was not much left for the Annunaki but to sadly end their existences or surrender to the Host of Heaven. They watched, together, as Heaven destroyed their great creations before marching into the Abyss when they could bear no more.

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