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The Left Hand Path is Greatly Misunderstood
A Definition of the Left Hand Path for Path for Dummies, this is not to poke fun at anyone reading this in any way. It is simply true that the Left Hand Path is greatly misunderstood and maligned by those who do not understand its most basic ideal, and therefore has brought much prejudice upon it and so forth. This is the simplest explaination I can put forth, for those of you who may have seen many a confusing attempt to say what all followers of the Left Hand Path believe.
These principles apply no matter what religious tradition the Left Hand Path follows dogmatically. The Left Hand Path advocates the invoking of both Light and Darkness, personified as the Active and Passive dichotomies of the Lord and Lady. The Left Hand Path defines sacred space as casting a Magick Circle. We invoke the Watchtowers by the Greater Pentagram ritual. We work in pairs of male and female if at all possible. We honor the marriage of Heaven and Earth or what is also known as the Great Rite, preformed usually by blade and grail, and sometimes invoked with or as the incarnated Father or God and the Great Mother or the Goddess.
There are three laws that all followers of the Left Hand Path seem to ascribe to universally:
The First Law or the Law Self Preservation
The Second Law or the Law of Procreation
The Third Law or the Law of An' it Harm None, Do as Thou Wilt
There are three things that all followers of the Left Hand Path seem to ascribe to universally:
The First belief, Where we differ from other religions is that we are primarily interested in the Left Hand Path.
What we mean by that is we are more concerned with the carnal, mundane, and animal nature of man. Not some abstract spiritual concept, that most spiritual religions cannot even agree upon. This ideal is the first premise of the Left Hand Path.
The Second belief, We find nothing desirable about union with the universe as advocated by esoteric pseudo spiritual religions.
We have considered the existence of the individual psyche, the real you of the conscious intelligence, and have take satisfaction from its existence as something unlike anything else in the universe. We desire this psyche to live, to experience, and to continue. The Left Hand Path does not wish to die or lose his or her consciousness and identitiy to a larger universal consciousness. It is reality as we want it to Be. The reality that you desire. This decision in favor of individual existence is the second premise of the Left Hand Path.
The Third belief. We week Evolution and Equilibrium, or Growth and Balance.
We recognize the creative life force, the Macrocosm, the Androgynous Force, we call this the Divine Darkness. This is the Darkness that existed before the light. There are many names for this principle over the course of human history : from the Hebrew Saytun, and the Persian Ahriman, Mahakala, to Apeiron, Aseshna-devi, as well as ideas of aspects of this force such as Hecate, Tiamat, Kali, Ophianeus, Callirhoe, Marduk, Cthulhu, Lucifer, Satan, and so on. Many names from many cultures all refer to the all prevading Dark Force, infused in everything, balancing, changing, and notably existing before the light. The communion with this is the third premise of the Left Hand Path.
These are an attempt to broadly generalize all various takes on the left hand path, I hope some of you find this helpful.
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